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#7196586 - 12/18/12 02:04 AM Re: Ultimate 6mm ? [Re: mygirlhunts]
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Originally Posted By: mygirlhunts
I want ultimate, not the fastest or the longest barrel life or any one thing, that can all be researched, as stated before I want some opinions, future responders please read the op before commenting

In your arrogant haste to be dismissive, what you missed is that I was trying to help. NO cartridge is the ultimate, they are all a compromise of the things in my first post.

If you had provided details of exactly what you wanted to accomplish with that cartridge, we could have helped. Instead guys are reduced to telling what works for them, as they have no idea of what you want to do.
Anybody who seriously concerns themselves with the adequacy of a Big 7mm for anything we hunt here short of brown bear, is a dufus. They are mostly making shidt up. Crunch! Nite-nite!

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#7197400 - 12/18/12 05:18 AM Re: Ultimate 6mm ? [Re: RickF]
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'nother one joins my 'ignore' list..

#7201730 - 12/19/12 05:18 AM Re: Ultimate 6mm ? [Re: johnfox]
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I lost nights of sleep on this same subject recently for a current build I am doing. I was trying to decide between the .243AI, 6mmAI and 6mm Rem. I finally decided that it just was not worth the trouble or small gain for me to fire form and anneal brass for the AI's over the 6mm Rem. So I decided to go with the 6mm Rem. I may regret it but for now I have made my descion. I can always have it reamed to a 6mmAI if I am not satisfied. So the gun is being built on a Rem 700 SS action. Will get a full blueprinting job, #5.5 Shilen select match barrel, Jewell trigger set at 1lb, and either a B&C madalist tactical or a HS stock hadn't made my mind up which furniture it's gonna wear but I have both.

I know some people here like the Shilens and some don't but I have had nothing but success with them and have used several other barrel makers as well, shilen was simply available as well. I think it's kind of like buying a new car, they all make good ones but once in a while there will be a bad one. I don't think the barrel builders this day and age have very many bad ones though. In fact I think it is a very rare occasion. So what do I pick Ford, Chevy, Toyota AH so many choices and options and they all say they are the best.

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#7201821 - 12/19/12 06:07 AM Re: Ultimate 6mm ? [Re: GTN]
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I would also rate the 6mm Rem as the best 6mm available, it should have been much more poular than is was.

#7203391 - 12/19/12 07:07 PM Re: Ultimate 6mm ? [Re: gerrygoat]
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Gerrygoat: I agree with you enthusiastically in your contention that the 6mm Remington should have been much more popular and long lived than it has been.
I was just reading this week (I forget in which publication!) that the 6mm Remington gives much longer barrel life than the 243 Winchester due to its case design/longer neck etc.
I believe that the article was in the latest issue of Varmint Hunter Magazine now that I think about it - in an article on internal ballistics IIRC.
I once owned a Remington 40X Rangemaster in 6mm Remington - it was a dandy and shot VERY well.
I had it a year or two when along came a chance to buy an exact same Rifle that was new but in caliber 243 Winchester - in my infinite wisdom of the time (1975-ish) I thought to myself well I can sell the 6mm 40X to a friend who wants it and add about $75.00 more to get the new 243 40X and I will have longer barrel life for my then extensive Prairie Dog Hunting.
So I made the deals - back then I did not have the discretionary funds that I have now.
I wish though that I had kept that 6mm Remington 40X as well!
I still have the 243 40X and it still shoots quite well but
I often think about that 6mm 40X and wish I had not sold it.
Indeed the 6mm Remington is a fine cartridge.
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#7205919 - 12/20/12 06:37 AM Re: Ultimate 6mm ? [Re: VarmintGuy]
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The 6mm Remington is my favorite 6mm. When remington introduced the 244 slightly ealier than the 243, The barrels installed on their rifles had too slow of a twist rate to stabilize heavier bullets. In the meantime the 243 emerged with a faster twist rate and would shoot the 117's better. the 243 became more popular than the 244. By the time Remington re-configured the 244 and re-named the round the 6mm remington it was to late and the 243 already had a strong foothold. Any good handloader will get much more from the 6mm than the 243.

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