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#7196795 - 12/18/12 02:46 AM Re: Need some advice - wall tent/teepee [Re: gwl]
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If you are camping close to your vehicle, there is nothing wrong with a wall tent. I'm with gwl, I'd probably go with a 12x14 and a larger stove. If you are going to pack in this type of tent, you better have a couple of pack mules or horses. Last year, I have an opportunity to help our elk guide take down a drop camp in the CO. In addition to the horses we rode, it took 3 pack mules to move out the tent, frame and other camp supplies. Oh, we had to leave the stove as it would have taken another mule to move. After this experience, (I don't know how our guide has done this year after year), I'd go the light-weight tipi route and use a take-down stove.

I'm looking at Tipi's and stoves from Kifaru and Seek Outside. I'm really liking what I've seen and read about Seek Outside's tipi's and stoves. After using a floor-less tarp tent for the last couple of years, this will be a hugh step up.
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#7196884 - 12/18/12 03:08 AM Re: Need some advice - wall tent/teepee [Re: Biggs300]
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I am looking for the same right now myself. After much looking, and reading reviews, I am leaning toward Cabelas Alaknak tent. I will probably get the 12x20, due to the number of people in my hunting party next year. Also looking at four dog stove for this setup. The Alaknak comes in a 12x12, which I think would be more than enough for 2-4 people.

#7196910 - 12/18/12 03:15 AM Re: Need some advice - wall tent/teepee [Re: GregW]
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I know I've seen threads over on Monster Mulie that gave some specific brand recommendations for wall tents. A search there, as well as here for "wall tent" might help. I have a 10 x 12, but without unpacking, I couldn't tell you what brand it is.

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#7197173 - 12/18/12 04:16 AM Re: Need some advice - wall tent/teepee [Re: GregW]
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Have you checked out a Tentipi? Tentipi is a Swedish manufacturer that's been making tipi style tents for many years. I recently saw that they have a new North American distributor based in Seattle -

Their Zirkon 15 would seem to be a best of both worlds for you. It's a huge single center pole tipi, but made of cotton canvas. Seems like an ideal cross between wall tent and tipi, although I confess I've never seen one in person.

Good luck!

#7197868 - 12/18/12 01:36 PM Re: Need some advice - wall tent/teepee [Re: Broadhead]
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If you arent packing in for miles, and you want an easy set up, look at the canvas kodiak 10x14 flex bow or 10x14 springbar. I bought it instead of a wall tent (we have a 16x20 wall tent) for easy summer camping since it has a floor. It also sets up stupid eas and fast compared to a wall tent. Perfect size for two with a stove.

I used mine last year without a stove, since we used the stove (knico alaskan) in the alaknak for packing. But this year I will run the stove in it, TxTrapper posted some good photos of his stove install in his kodiak.

#7198176 - 12/18/12 03:11 PM Re: Need some advice - wall tent/teepee [Re: GregW]
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G-I'd take a serious look at Davis in particular the 10x12 with 5' side walls. My wife and I have been looking at the same thing.

Other option to consider would be the Alaknak that Cabelas makes. I saw one of those on a goat hunt a couple years ago and I kind of like the idea.

Best of luck to ya

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#7198430 - 12/18/12 04:26 PM Re: Need some advice - wall tent/teepee [Re: Mark R Dobrenski]
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I have lived in various tents for extended periods in the BC wilderness, started almost 50 years ago. I REALLY dislike wall tents, but, the management of the BCFS, were not too concerned with what we young staffers thought, so, I put in my time in them.

For size, I would go no smaller than 10x12 for two hunters, and 12x14 is better. I would always have a plywood platform if at all possible and this makes a BIG difference. I also like an extra tarp hung about a foot over the entire tent body/roof and extending a few feet in front of the entrance. makes a big difference in overall comfort.

I have had tipis and am hoping to buy a Seek Outside 12 man this coming year, I have a Four Dog Large Ti stove for it. There is no doubt that a wood heated shelter is FAR more comfortable than even the finest mountain tent. I have owned and used many tents and even a Hilleberg can be cold, damp and kinda gloomy in really bad November weather.

I prefer individual ground sheets rather than a complete sod cloth or floor in a tent or tipi and I use Integral Designs double GCs, under my bed roll to keep it and my "night stuff" clean and dry, cheap, durable and light.

It can be a hassle, in the mountains, to find a good site to erect one's larger tipi and you must be careful about snow loads, especially where, as in most of BC, the snow is always "wet". It is snowing outside as I post and is just at freezing and this combo can make one hell of a mess in and around a camp, if you do not set up well to deal with it.

Like others, I won't use a propane stove/heater at night and I much prefer the scent of burning wood and the greater heat that the wood stoves put out. YMMV, but, this is what I prefer.

#7199318 - 12/18/12 08:09 PM Re: Need some advice - wall tent/teepee [Re: kutenay]
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My wall tent is 12x14 with 5' side walls. Dry and wrapped in a manty tarp it weighs about 70 lbs. The tarp serves as a ground cloth for the back half of the tent. My stove is folding sheet metal with 4" pipes.

When I had horses we would pack it in every year for elk, moose, and sheep hunts. It worked great for two people, and I've had up to 4 in it.

It's also a great size for 2 people for end of road truck camping as there is room for two cots, a folding table, a cooking table, a couple of coolers, and still have some room to move around.

The wood stove keeps it very comfortable, and we have been warm in it down to -20*F, but after the fire burned out during the night, we woke up to a frozen solid 5 gallon water can inside the tent.

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#7228708 - 12/26/12 03:59 PM Re: Need some advice - wall tent/teepee [Re: buffybr]
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I have a 12x12 alaknak.....bout' a 2000 model. It is perfect for two and lots of gear. On a horse trip three or four is doable without cots. The sealed floor has saved a few year I had to stack rocks and wood around the stove opening in the floor to keep it above the river that developed under the tent. I saw Noah pass by in an ark where the field had turned to a torrent.......the inside stayed dry.

The tent needs wood heat to stay dry as the venting is not adequate unless the windows are opened a bit, and I STRONGLY suggest a better storage bag or wrapping in canvas or tarp if you horse pack into tight trees. Overall, the price I paid ($400 iirc) was a steal and if I paid a couple hundred more and the quality hasn't gone south, I would still be happy.

If you do end up with an alaknak, drill a couple holes in the center post for the hooks used on bungee cords.....they make perfect lantern holders and coat hooks. I ran a piece of para cord all the way around the inside and use it to drape clothes over to dry by the stove.
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I would not buy something that runs on any kind of primer given the possibility of primer shortages and even regulations. In fact, why not buy a flintlock? Really. Rocks aren't going away anytime soon.

#7236676 - 12/28/12 06:32 PM Re: Need some advice - wall tent/teepee [Re: GregW]
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I have the Kifaru 8 man tipi.. and its great for two people and gear. But if you want that Wall tent feel and space. I would go with the 12 Man.
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