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#7183928 - 12/15/12 12:25 AM Re: sidearms in public [Re: Tracks]
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I pretty much open carry when out of town in the woods and such.

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#7185562 - 12/15/12 12:53 PM Re: sidearms in public [Re: LWILLIAMS]
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Originally Posted By: LWILLIAMS
While I only conceal carry unless I am in the field, I think it takes away from everyone when people on here throw a fit about open carry. It is our Right to be able to do such, but when someone exercises that right they question it. Instead of questioning our rights, why dont you question the states where you cant open carry or CCW. That will do our cause a lot more good than gun people looking down on those who choose to open carry.

+1, I'd have to agree with this...
Originally Posted By: raybass
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#7201393 - 12/19/12 03:41 AM Re: sidearms in public [Re: Tracks]
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#7201544 - 12/19/12 04:21 AM Re: sidearms in public [Re: Penobscot_99]
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In SD you need a permit to conceal carry, but anyone that can legally own a pistol can carry if the gun is visible. not many people do it in town because some people are scared of seeing a gun and they don't want to deal with people hassling them. I also don't want a potential attacker to know I have a gun.

#7218494 - 12/23/12 03:30 PM Re: sidearms in public [Re: Gohip2000]
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You can have a pistol in plain sight here too.

Personally, I think most criminals are spineless, and if they see that a person is actually carrying a firearm, chances are better that such pansies won't mess with them because they might get shot. Criminals are like a predator, picking out the weak....

#7224430 - 12/25/12 02:52 AM Re: sidearms in public [Re: gonzaga]
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The truth of the matter is that the 2nd Ammendment guarantees the right of all citizens to bear arms. This means open carry is guaranteed by the US Constitution. I tend to agree with gonzaga's perception of criminals. A person wishing to do harm is extremely likely to focus on someone who poses little or no threat to him. Everyone who owns a firearm should open carry as often as possible. CCW laws are, in most states, limited to concealed weapons and have nothing to do with open carry rights - which are granted by the constitution. Sometimes folks get mixed up and think the right to bear arms means we have the right to own them. But the constitution grants the right to keep (own) AND bear (carry) arms. Spread the word and exercise your constitutional rights!
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#7225117 - 12/25/12 11:54 AM Re: sidearms in public [Re: VeenerSchnitzel]
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Ive been in law enforcement long enough to know that the laws are only as good as the person interpreting them. You want them to mean one thing and someone else will read to far into it for it to mean something total different.

#7227113 - 12/26/12 12:05 AM Re: sidearms in public [Re: beark]
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In Oklahoma, to carry a handgun either concealed or open, a person needs a handgun license that is issued by the Okahoma State Bureau of Investigation. This license is only required to carry and not to own. That being said, I carry both ways depending upon how easy it is to cnoceal.
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#7231603 - 12/27/12 06:58 AM Re: sidearms in public [Re: OSUCowboy27]
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If you have a "right" to keep and bear arms (open carry) then why do you need a CCW? If the government can regulate concealed carry, then why cant they regulate open carry? Your rights are only as good as the courts see fit.

#7234466 - 12/28/12 01:55 AM Re: sidearms in public [Re: Bodei]
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Open carry is legal in Virginia for Virginia residents except possibly in certain areas with local rules. I would personally rather have a concealed of the major determinants of success in war is the element of surprise. Half the people I see with openly carried weapons in public would be easy targets for someone to suddenly disarm them (or just shoot them like the school guard who simply becomes the first target). Just sayin'.
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