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#7215038 - 12/22/12 Good value scopes for 22's ?
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What's the best for the price (<200 bucks) scopes for 22's.

I like something that I can really zoom in,

One's going on a 10/22, the other on a model 39a Marlin
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#7215097 - 12/22/12 Re: Good value scopes for 22's ? [Re: Spotshooter]
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I have Weaver V-10's on some of mine. They are variables that go up to 10 power. I also have some Tasco Target/Varmint's on some 10/22 T's...they are variables that go up to 24 power. I'm happy with them for what I use them for.
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#7215411 - 12/22/12 Re: Good value scopes for 22's ? [Re: antlers]
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Used Leupold M8 scopes. If the parallax bothers you, Leupold charges 15 bucks or so to change it; I have had them do that when I send used scopes back in for a check-up.

#7219896 - 12/23/12 Re: Good value scopes for 22's ? [Re: Oregon45]
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I picked up a Bushnell Trophy in 4-12X40 with an adjustable objective, and fast focus eye piece. It works quite nicely on my CZ453.
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#7219933 - 12/23/12 Re: Good value scopes for 22's ? [Re: the_shootist]
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Bought a 22 Hornet rifle with a Bushnell Banner, Dusk & Dawn, 17 Super scope, 3.5-10 x 36mm on it. It has an adjustable objective.

Liked it so well that I bought another on E-bay and mounted it on my Ruger 77/22.
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#7222095 - 12/24/12 Re: Good value scopes for 22's ? [Re: roundoak]
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Nikon BDC works perfectly for me.

#7222436 - 12/24/12 Re: Good value scopes for 22's ? [Re: woodson]
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Maybe it's me, but for that Model 39 I'd want a scope with a small profile. Something like a Leupold or Weaver rimfire 4x28. Both are light, slender and short - 9 or 10 inches.

Many of the rimfire scopes offered by most manufacturers are built like CF scopes - larger and heavier. They don't belong on a rimfire because they're too big and the rifle can be awkward to handle.

This is a Weaver 4x28mm on a Henry pump. It suits the rifle. The scope is not mounted too high, out of alignment with the shooter's eye. This rifle would benefit from a pad on the rear stock to bring it up another 1/2 inch, but it's not nearly as bad as some rifles with scopes positioned 1 inch or more above the action.

Proper scope alignment means quicker target acquisition and better shoulder mounting.

A Weaver 4x28 RF is about $120. The Leupold RF 4x28 is about $220. You can also get a 2-7 RF from either of these companies.

My two cents.

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#7223196 - 12/24/12 Re: Good value scopes for 22's ? [Re: Steve Redgwell]
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Under $200 I like Weavers.

#7231752 - 12/27/12 Re: Good value scopes for 22's ? [Re: Phillip_Nesmith]
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I put a weaver 4x shotgun scope on my CZ 425FS. Love it. I got it from natchez shooting supply when they had them on clearance for about 20% what a new one cost.
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#7232083 - 12/27/12 Re: Good value scopes for 22's ? [Re: NathanL]
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Nikon prostaff scopes work very well, on a variety of guns. I have a 2-7x shotgun scope on my H&R Sportster, and it has served me very well.


#7236237 - 12/28/12 Re: Good value scopes for 22's ? [Re: maddog]
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I like Bushnell and Nikon 4-32 rim fire scopes they have served me well on my .22 rifles
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#7236300 - 12/28/12 Re: Good value scopes for 22's ? [Re: Spotshooter]
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if you watch the classifieds here and elsewhere you can find slightly used bushnell elite 4200 3-9x40 for $200 and less. i put one on my 77/22 and it is perfect. so clear you can see a squirrels eye shining at 50 yards right before you drill it. its a big scope though so if your gun needs a smaller one you might look at leupolds rimfire line.
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#7253221 - 01/01/13 Re: Good value scopes for 22's ? [Re: rem141r]
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The Vortex lineup has some nice offerings. I just mounted at 4-12x Diamondback BDC on a CZ 452. I have to try it out, but it was 200$ even with free shipping from CLNY. PArallax is set at 10yd, so that mght be an issue without AO.
But they do have rimfire scopes and AO versions

#7282939 - 01/08/13 Re: Good value scopes for 22's ? [Re: Spotshooter]
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Take a look at the Nikon P22

#7336876 - 01/20/13 Re: Good value scopes for 22's ? [Re: tikkanut]
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I put a Bushnell Elite 3200 3x9x40 on my CZ 452 American. I haven't zeroed it yet but it's very clear. Look out squirrels! grin

#7341934 - 01/21/13 Re: Good value scopes for 22's ? [Re: 25-06 Lilja]
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The Weaver 4x28 rimfire scope is a very nice optic and is priced right.
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#7342461 - 01/21/13 Re: Good value scopes for 22's ? [Re: wildhobbybobby]
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I have a Nikon Prostaff 2X7 on my Ruger 77/22. Works great the 2X is excellent for Jack Rabbits in heavy brush and the 7X easily takes care of anything within the range of a .22.

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#7345602 - 01/22/13 Re: Good value scopes for 22's ? [Re: Spotshooter]
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Originally Posted By: Spotshooter
What's the best for the price (<200 bucks) scopes for 22's.

I like something that I can really zoom in,

One's going on a 10/22, the other on a model 39a Marlin
I just bought a nikon P-22 scope it.s 2X7X32 from mid south shooters supply $175 TYD.coobie

#7363502 - 01/26/13 Re: Good value scopes for 22's ? [Re: coobie]
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Natchez has Nitrex Tr-One 3-9x40 for about $100, don't think you'll do much better for the coin.
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#7363707 - 01/26/13 Re: Good value scopes for 22's ? [Re: CowboyTim]
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I find the older Vari-x II Leupold's for $150 or less and put them on my 22's. Still pretty good glass.

#7367061 - 01/27/13 Re: Good value scopes for 22's ? [Re: bearstalker]
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Put a Vortex 2-7 on a old mossberg auto I inherited from dad. I told the gunsmith who mounted it for me, most people would think putting a $180 scope on a rifle that new cost $40-50 a little loony. He replied, some of us love rifles just as much as we love money. We both laughed. Love the Vortex.

#7367099 - 01/27/13 Re: Good value scopes for 22's ? [Re: coobie]
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VX 6 is coming out going to be a lot of cheap VX II/III stuff floating around out there soon. I'm rubbing my hands in anticipation.

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#7370674 - 01/28/13 Re: Good value scopes for 22's ? [Re: 17ACKLEYBEE]
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I've got a Weaver V-16 on my Win. 52 rat rifle, and a 2x7 on my other .22. Prefer the V-16 as I sometimes have to see just a little corner of a critter peaking out of it's hole. If they weren't so expensive, my .22's would all have 6 x 24 scopes on them.

I've been seeing lots of Bushnell and Bausch&Lomb Elite 3000 and 3200 scopes for cheap money. Saw a couple 4x12 Bushnell elites at a gunshow this morning for around $150. Wish I had some cash on me this time....

Keep in mind, the way most .22's are made, you need to raise the scope with higher rings than normal because of the bolt throw. Since most 22's are designed for iron sights, you will probably not get a good cheek weld unless you install a leather pad or have a new stock built to accomodate scope usage by using a higher comb and/or a cheek piece of some type.

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