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#7233458 - 12/27/12 09:35 PM Re: Lutefisk,share yer memories [Re: 358Norma_fan]
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I thought that stuff was finally outlawed!
Originally Posted By Rauncho_Bozo:

I run rigs harder than you can ever dream of, and have NEVER needed to replace valve cover gaskets as a routine maintenance item. Even under severe duty schedules.. Nor has ANYONE I've ever known.


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#7239223 - 12/29/12 12:10 PM Re: Lutefisk,share yer memories [Re: 358Norma_fan]
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Grizzly Bill
We live in an area in Wisconsin with a lot of Amish. This is one of the brands of cookstoves that they use. This is a "Kitchen Queen". It is the smaller of the two sizes. You can also get them with warming ovens and water jackets for hot water. We didn't get the water jacket as we get our hot water out of the tap. Tricky to bake with. Getting the right amount of wood and draft. We don't cook on it much but it heats the whole house for us in the winter.

Site where you can buy them

#7239227 - 12/29/12 12:12 PM Re: Lutefisk,share yer memories [Re: rod44]
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I remember blood klub. When I was a little kids my grandma would send my uptown to the butcher shop for blood. They would send it home with me in a little cardboard box with a wire handle. Funny how little things from the past stick in your mind. I'm 68 now.

#7239609 - 12/29/12 03:01 PM Re: Lutefisk,share yer memories [Re: rod44]
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Thanks Rod. I recall my great grandma cooking on a wood stove.
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#7247018 - 12/31/12 04:27 AM Re: Lutefisk,share yer memories [Re: Rog]
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I am finally getting the tears wiped away enough to type. This thread is hilarious! laugh

I have never "experienced" lutefisk, and, by the sound of it, not likely ever will. My wife runs out of the room when I open a can of smoked oysters! I guess what turns one person on doesn't necessarily work for another....

I remember a friend and his wife discussing lutefisk. I don't think she would have allowed him in the house if he would have brought any home. He claimed he liked it.
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#7247177 - 12/31/12 05:03 AM Re: Lutefisk,share yer memories [Re: bberg7794]
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Originally Posted By: bberg7794
A poem by my departed uncle.

"Lutefisk, lutefisk, how fragrant thy aroma.
Lutefisk, lutefisk, you put me in a coma."

R.O. Berg 1946-2002

To the tune of "O Tannenbaum"

"O Lutefisk, O Lutefisk, how fragrant is your aroma,
O Lutefisk, O Lutefisk, you put me in a coma.
You smell so strong, you look like glue
You taste yust like an overshoe;
But Lutefisk, come Saturday, I tink I'll eat you anyway.

O Lutefisk, O Lutefisk, I put you by the doorway;
I vanted you to ripen like dey do in Norway,
A dog came by and sprinkled you; I hit him with my army shoe,
O Lutefisk, now I suppose ... I'll eat you as I hold my nose.

O Lutefisk, O Lutefisk, how well I do remember
On Christmas Eve, how we'd receive our big treat of December,
It vasn't turkey or fried ham; it vasn't even pickled spam;
My mudder knew dere vas no risk in serving buttered Lutefisk.

O Lutefisk, O Lutefisk, now everyone discovers
Dot Lutefisk and lefse make Norvegians better lovers,
Now all da vorld can have a ball; you're better than dat Geritol,
O Lutefisk, Vid Brennevin, You make me feel like Errol Flynn.
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#7247406 - 12/31/12 06:32 AM Re: Lutefisk,share yer memories [Re: 5sdad]
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Holy crow... an Ode to Lutefisk. Now I've seen everything. smile
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And also on the unjust fella,
But chiefly on the just because
The unjust steals the just's umbrella
(Lord Bowen 1835-1894)

#7488240 - 02/26/13 04:51 PM Re: Lutefisk,share yer memories [Re: 5sdad]
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I had always thought it was my uncle's original, but maybe he heard the "Ode" somewhere. I will ask next time I visit the cemetery.

#7488298 - 02/26/13 05:09 PM Re: Lutefisk,share yer memories [Re: bberg7794]
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A local store specializing in Scandanavian goods had Lutefisk. I asked them about it once and the worker to whom I inquired, cringed. She said "are you going to buy it? I said I might, I just wanted to see/smell to know. She didn't want to got othe basement to get it if I didn't have plans to buy some. we had a good laugh and I saved her the trouble, based on the look on her face.

#7488735 - 02/26/13 07:33 PM Re: Lutefisk,share yer memories [Re: kletzenklueffer]
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If there's a list of the 10 most disgusting things that people consider food, lutefisk would surely rank way up there, along with those grubs and caterpillars that are commonly eaten raw in Africa, and let's not forget limburger cheese.

I have a rule: "If it smells like sh-t, don't eat it."

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