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#7294750 - 01/10/13 08:43 PM Django Unchained
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Had occassion a week ago to see the Quentin Tarrantino movie "Django Unchained" - I enjoyed it very much and was greatly entertained and interested in it.
I saw the movie out on the west coast with an exceptional audio and video system in that new theatre.
The popcorn therein was SUPERB, fresh and refillable at no charge and that helped my enjoyment of the movie/story also.
I won't spoil any of the movie or "guest stars" for anyone but the storyline and characters were well done and acted.
Quentin Tarrantino is an excellent story teller no matter how weird he and/or his Wilt Chamberlin loving mother are/were.
The movie is LONG and constantly changing interesting points/plots.
It is amazing how Quentin Tarrantino can at times interject "humor" into the most serious and unpredictable of times throughout some of his movies?
I think I will see it again when it comes to my small home town here in SW Montana.
One reason I want to see it again is that I forgot to ascertain/see if the firearms used in the movie are "true" to the era of the movie - I have a suspicion some of the many and varied firearms are more modern than the year the movie takes place in (which was 1858).
The movie has taken in $115,000,000.00+ so far (in 16 days) and has been nominated now for some Academy Awards so I guess it is a success - no matter what I think of it.
But I recommend it with a VarmintGuy 1 to 100 rating of 95 on the high end of my scale.
If you see it be sure and empty your bladder BEFORE the movie starts - its 165 minutes (2 hours and 45 minutes!) long!
If you see it I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
If nothing else it is a stark reminder of mans inhumanity to other men and what a horrifc thing slavery was/is!
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#7296425 - 01/11/13 02:55 AM Re: Django Unchained [Re: VarmintGuy]
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It was entertaining if one likes Tarantino movies but if real historical accuracy, or even believable "accuracy" is one's criteria it fell a bit short. It felt more like a throwback to the movies when gunslingers were deadeyes just by pointing their revolver. He tries to infuse a spaghetti western feeling into it, there is even a song by Ennio Morricone, but it fell just a bit short. Or maybe it got sidetracked by Quentin's fascination with violence just for the sake of violence.

Picking a few nits to start out:

The slave can read. Not well, but he can read. It was against the law to teach a slave to read, so how did he learn?

They moved around the country like they had air fare. I've never seen people get from the West to the East to the South so quickly in a time when pioneers needed three months to get from St. Louis to Oregon. Plus, where were the Indians during all their travels around the West?

Django sure could shoot, but nobody else could. His cap and ball revolvers grouped better than a Freedom Arms. And they sure were powerful. Those little balls of lead went through two guys at a time splattering a quart of blood out of each one. Except when they were aimed at Django, then a human body made a great shield. At least the revolvers only held 6 shots each, that was a key part of some scenes.

But if you suspended reality for a while, it was vintage Tarantino. Quirky characters, ultra violence and ultra liberal use of words not uttered in polite company. And I have to say the man does know how to make a movie and tell a story, even if you might not like the story he tells.

They used quart sized squibs for gunshot wounds, the blood splattered from people like a large can of tomato juice hit by a .25-06. The front room of Candyland was literally painted red by the final gunfight. Everybody dies. I mean, everybody dies. Except Django. Sorry if that's a spoiler.

DeCaprio was good as a slimy guy, Jamie Foxx was okay as Django but he always seems too wimpy to be a real badass. When he spoke I kept seeing Ray Charles up there.

Samuel L. Jackson was great. Nobody cusses as convincingly as Samuel L. Jackson. When he calls someone a goddam motherf*ckin' n*gger, enunciating and infusing each syllable with malicious venom and pure hatred, you can really feel it.

Some folks will like the movie just to hear the word "n*gger" spoken aloud and with feeling about 200 times in a 3 hour period. Those same folks will hate it because they kill all the white people. When the body count is about as high as you think it's going to get, they go out of their way to find extra white people to kill.

I think Quentin's masterpiece will always be Kill Bill Vol. I and II with Pulp Fiction a close second, but this gets an A for effort.
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#7296861 - 01/11/13 04:55 AM Re: Django Unchained [Re: Jim in Idaho]
ironbender Online   happy
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Interesting assessment. I hate the Bill movies and could not watch them.
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#7297768 - 01/11/13 03:13 PM Re: Django Unchained [Re: ironbender]
mtrancher Offline
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I'm with you, Ironbender. Did not like the Bill movies, in fact, I have no use for Tarantino. He's typical of the Hollywood left that makes ridiculously violent movies then claims they have no impact on mass shootings while they scream for radical gun control. Won't be going to Django.

#7305679 - 01/13/13 05:11 AM Re: Django Unchained [Re: mtrancher]
waterrat Online   content
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I shutdown the trapline early and am in Anchorage for a week or so,,It's on my things to do list. I think all his movie's are great and the Kill Bill's are some of my favorites.
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#7305924 - 01/13/13 09:05 AM Re: Django Unchained [Re: VarmintGuy]
greyghost1 Online   content

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If you see it again look for the glass on the bottom of the bottles they are shooting when he teaches him to shoot.
My wife swears that the bottles they used weren't made at that time. Don't know how she could tell as I don't recall what they looked like.

#7305949 - 01/13/13 11:26 AM Re: Django Unchained [Re: greyghost1]
CrowRifle Offline
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How anyone could use their hard won dollars to support Jamie Fox after his racists rants is beyond me. To each his own.

#7308128 - 01/13/13 09:52 PM Re: Django Unchained [Re: CrowRifle]
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CrowRifle: I think Mr. Foxx (his name is spelled with two X's by the way) got his pay long before the film began raking in millions of dollars - including my few.
If indeed he has racism in his heart my dollars are more likely to be going to Mr. Tarantino who wrote and directed the movie and the three producers who fronted the money for the movie.
On the VERY SLIM chance that Mr. Foxx has a share of the box office pie (which I doubt!) then I guess my movie money (a penny?) which went to Mr. Foxx ends up in the hands of someone with politics different than mine?
And on the even slimmer chance that Mr. Foxx will get some future residuals from HBO type TV rents and such, then again my pennies are going to someone with politics and a heart that is different than mine.
Now for the reality of "the movies"!
The movies are made by and acted in by MOSTLY people with different politics and world views than I have!
Are you asking me never to go to any movie which employed a racist or a communist or a socialist?
If you are fool enough to suggest that, then I must ask you, do you attend movies that are made by liberals or racists?
Do you ever go to the movies?
If you do then I contend that you have supported racists (and reverse racists) and homosexuals, and sexual deviants, and democrats and drug users and ego maniacs etc etc etc with your hard earned dollars!
I have been employed by a number of movie companies and worked on many movies and got to know and interact with a number of actors (including John Wayne, Tom Hanks, Nick Nolte, Sylvester Stallone, Martin Short, Meg Ryan, Gerald McRaney, Yul Brenner and on and on) and for every John Wayne type who shares my political outlook there were a hundred Nora Ephrons and Yul Brenners who are at the extreme opposite end of the scale!
If you have the opinion ("to each their own") that a person (including yourself) should only attend movies that the crew and cast of holds opinions exactly as your own then I dare say you won't be attending any movies.
I'll choose my "own" ways to spend my hard earned dollars - if you don't mind?
My political battles are fought in another arena for the very most part.
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#7308145 - 01/13/13 09:57 PM Re: Django Unchained [Re: greyghost1]
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Greyghost1: I will be going to see the movie again as soon as it comes to my home town.
And I will look for the glass bottles and their vintage.
I am a bit of a collector of antique medicine (opiates and elixirs) bottles and have about 100 in my collection.
I can date them but the whiskey bottles and such are a bit out of my area of knowledge.
I forget which type bottles were being used as targets but will check soon.
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#7308156 - 01/13/13 09:59 PM Re: Django Unchained [Re: waterrat]
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Waterrat: I hope you are entertained by and enjoy the movie (story) as much as I was.
I hope to get to Anchorage one more time before I cash in my chips.
I have been there twice and enjoyed both brief stays.
I hope you get a good price for your furs this year.
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