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#7308508 - 01/13/13 NRA membership-no sponsor needed!
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Hey guys, don't know if this has been posted yet, forgive me if it has, but I just sent this to everyone I know, now I'm going to post it on every forum I am a member of.

The NRA is currently offering a life membership right now for only $300 with no sponsor needed! They are only doing this until the end of the month and then it will go back up to $1000 for a life membership. You don't need another life member to sponsor you or anything, just call 1-888-678-7894. I had just renewed my membership until 2018 when this deal came out so I guess that money ended up being a donation since I juat renewed for life anyway. I have always hoped to be a life member but just wasn't able to spend the money.

Whether you don't agree completely with the NRA or not, they are the only game in town when it comes to protecting your second amendment. I don't agree 100% with some of the things they say either but there is no other group that comes close to the clout the NRA has in Washington DC and we have to protect that. This is a steal for the life membership.

Even if you are short on money right now I understand but this might be our last chance and it would be worth tightening your belt a little more right now to become a member. Even if you don't want to pay the $300 at least consider becoming a yearly member and buy a one year membership for $25, every little bit helps. If you can, buy a membership, life or yearly, for your wife, husband or kids too. Your kids will be able to truly take full advantage of the life membership for $300.

I'm not an NRA recruiter but just feel this is important and this deal is awesome. In the past they have offered a similar life membership if you had another life member sponsor you, this time you don't need a sponsor. Even if you don't want to take advantage of this, please tell everyone else you know of it so they will consider it.


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#7310216 - 01/14/13 Re: NRA membership-no sponsor needed! [Re: mnimrod45]
Bodei Offline

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Thanks, great offer!

#7310258 - 01/14/13 Re: NRA membership-no sponsor needed! [Re: Bodei]
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Yeah I wanted to post it in the General Discussion becasue I figured a lot more guys would see it there but thought it fit better here. I hope more guys see it and sign up. Great deal.


#7312607 - 01/14/13 Re: NRA membership-no sponsor needed! [Re: mnimrod45]
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I did it last year for my young son. If you cannot get through to the phone number, just try later. They are swamped.

If it is anything like last year, if the traffic is too heavy, they will extend the offer. It is a good deal for us and they offer it because they want the members.
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#7312887 - 01/15/13 Re: NRA membership-no sponsor needed! [Re: Anjin]
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Just updated to lifetime.
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#7368838 - 01/27/13 Re: NRA membership-no sponsor needed! [Re: TERRY8mm]
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Is this still going on? I'm thinking about signing the kids up too....

#7387352 - 01/31/13 Re: NRA membership-no sponsor needed! [Re: Horkhacker]
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Just a reminder. Made 4 grandkids lifers a few minutes ago.
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#7388269 - 01/31/13 Re: NRA membership-no sponsor needed! [Re: oldtrapper]
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Just did it today, thanks!

#7400447 - 02/04/13 Re: NRA membership-no sponsor needed! [Re: GSP814]
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Yup, me too. Here's the link to sign up for $300 lifetime membership on NRA's web site:

Campaign is running until March 21, I think I read somewhere.

#7408719 - 02/06/13 Re: NRA membership-no sponsor needed! [Re: arifleman]
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The NRA is gearing up for the fight.

Become a life member today!

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#7499128 - 03/01/13 Re: NRA membership-no sponsor needed! [Re: Waders]
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Signed my son up as a lifer about a month ago, they must be swamped cause I haven't seen any of the junk mail yet!


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