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#7824194 - 06/16/13 05:17 PM Tell me about Jimenez Arms, Las Vegas Nevada
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My daughter's ex-boyfriend gifted her with an Jimenez J A Nine 9mm Black/Chrome with two mags a couple months before they broke up.

She brought it and a couple boxes Cor-Bon +P 125 gr HP out to show Dad.

I suggested she absolutely not run any +P through the gun. Right or Wrong????

I see the pistol listed on Gunbroker for as little as $169. I figured that must mean it is a POS.

It looks like this one:

The trigger is absolutely atrocious. I kept double checking the safety, but determined the trigger was just "That Stiff".

We ran a box of Winchester FMJ through the gun. I shot about a 12 inch group for ten rounds at ten yds. My 35 YO 5' 8" daughter hit a forty pound orange box three out of ten times at seven yds.

Then she put six into 5 inches with my 41 mag at fifteen yds.

My daughter locked the pistol up in my safe before she went home. We are wondering, what should we do with it?

I am taking the grand kids to the lake fishing in a couple weeks, The water is about 150 ft deep in front of the dam, the pistol might make a good sinker.
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#7824277 - 06/16/13 05:49 PM Re: Tell me about Jimenez Arms, Las Vegas Nevada [Re: Idaho_Shooter]
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I've not heard a thing good about them. Similar complaints, particularly the poor triggers.
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#7824318 - 06/16/13 06:05 PM Re: Tell me about Jimenez Arms, Las Vegas Nevada [Re: FFemtRN5287]
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They are pretty crappy guns, they are the Jennings pistols of old. If you have one that will function, shoot it. They are not very accurate and should not see +p loads. They are a $100 gun, sort of like a high point.
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#7824900 - 06/16/13 10:56 PM Re: Tell me about Jimenez Arms, Las Vegas Nevada [Re: gunchamp]
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They are the follow-on to the Jennings/Bryco/Phoenix Arms, Raven brand names, IIRC. They moved out of California because of the political climate/lawsuit losses/re-organization because of bankruptcy stuff they were going through.

Regardless, they are crap.
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