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#8214569 - 11/02/13 TSX/TTSX seating depth
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I have some TTSX 200gr bullets loaded for my .358. I have then loaded as long as I can...around 2.85. Am I wasting my time or should I take them down .10,.20,or .50 to start with? All of my other rifles I load kissing the lands but I know the Barnes bullets are a little different. powdr

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#8214626 - 11/02/13 Re: TSX/TTSX seating depth [Re: powdr]
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Barnes recommends starting at 0.050" off the lands and adjusting depth from 0.070"-0.030" if the accuracy is not as desired. Pressure may spike if you load to kiss the lands.
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#8214748 - 11/02/13 Re: TSX/TTSX seating depth [Re: MichiganScott]
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I have solved almost fifty rifles now for Barnes bullets. I hate doing it.

I start out with a given Rifle with a book length load and work up the powder charge to near max and look for an improvement n accuracy to tell me what charge it likes. If the groups are an nch or less I'm done. If they're more than two inches I bump the seating depth up to .010 off and start working back .010 at a tme until I find improved accuracy. At that point I refine the charge and usually that's it.

#8214756 - 11/02/13 Re: TSX/TTSX seating depth [Re: powdr]
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2.695" gets me excellent accuracy with both TSX/TTSX in my 358W Ruger Hawkeye, I use H-322 with the TSX's and RL-7 for the TTSX's, both bullets chrono at 2700 fps, HELLUVA efficient little round and one of my favorites.

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#8214888 - 11/02/13 Re: TSX/TTSX seating depth [Re: gunner500]
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I've only worked up a few rifles for ttsx but they all have .050" jump. All are very accurate. Ttsx is usually more bullet than I need but man do they shoot.

#8215434 - 11/02/13 Re: TSX/TTSX seating depth [Re: powdr]
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Almost all of my loads with the ttsx shoot best when seated .070 to .080 off the lands.

#8215461 - 11/02/13 Re: TSX/TTSX seating depth [Re: Freddy]
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I have had pretty good luck with something like Miles plan, I typically run my first set at .050 off to find the best powder charge. If I need more accuracy I take the best powder charge and either start at .010 or mag length and work back in roughly .020 increments.

I realize that going from .050 to .010 might increase pressure, but it hasn't been an issue yet for me. In fact that original .050 has worked well in more than one case.

So far I have had pretty fair luck with TTSX's, from good (1") to stellar (.5" or less) 5 shot groups, but one rifle just didn't seem to agree with them. I like TTSX's but not fixed on them, If I can't find promise in a box of bullets I will look at a different weight or switch bullets.
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#8215629 - 11/02/13 Re: TSX/TTSX seating depth [Re: noKnees]
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.040 works great in my 300's they never did shoot well close to the lands!

#8215686 - 11/02/13 Re: TSX/TTSX seating depth [Re: Ackleyfan]
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I typically load a few close (if not kissing) to the lands. I run them over the chrony to check pressure/velocity. If I'm where I want to be, I load three at .030" off, 3 at .050" off and 3 at .070" off. For some reason, I always shoot the .050" off loads on paper first. Then the .070", then the .030". Just a routine I follow...

Usually, I find something with those 9 shots that looks promising. If I feel like tinkering more, I adjust accordingly based on what the first three groups showed.

I did this exact thing earlier today with a 243, 85TSX and 46.5grs of Hunter. The rifle was sighted in for the 90gr Deep Curl load I'd developed for my daughter.

First three at .050" off...they were low and to the right.

Adjusted the scope (not enough) and shot the .070" off loads...

Let things cool down and shot the .030" off group...

I'm done. Three clicks to the left and I'll verify zero again after the wind settles down tonight. I'll bust some steel tomorrow afternoon at 300 yards to verify the load and hopefully load development is complete.

Barnes are very sensitive to seating depth and this is a perfect example. I've never had great success with them really close to the lands, but have found sweet spots as far as .130" off.

Not super scientific, but I can usually find a good load in less than 20 rounds.
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#8216734 - 11/03/13 Re: TSX/TTSX seating depth [Re: shortactionsmoker]
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I'm limited by the inside length of the magazine box in my .300 Weatherby.

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#8216905 - 11/03/13 Re: TSX/TTSX seating depth [Re: powdr]
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Unlike most of the posters that have responded, I start all Barnes bullets at kissing the lands and work shorter by .005 in 3 shot groups for hunting rifles. Usually most rifles I shoot them in will shoot accurately somewhere between -.010 and .020. I have tried the other method without success so I started treating them just like cup and core bullets and it has worked for me. Calibers I have tried, 243,25,26,27,28,30 and 375 and all follow the same pattern and all shoot great between -.010 and -.020. I have found that most TTSX bullets like to run near the upper end of the velocity range.

#8217644 - 11/03/13 Re: TSX/TTSX seating depth [Re: Bill_Davis]
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I start at .050" as recommended by Barnes then try .020", 0.080", and 0.110" if the others don't work. So far, every load I've kept has been at .050" except one. In my ULA .260 I had slightly more consistent results at .080" off.

#8218588 - 11/03/13 Re: TSX/TTSX seating depth [Re: powdr]
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I seat at the bottom of the first groove and have had great results in 4 rifles.

#8218597 - 11/03/13 Re: TSX/TTSX seating depth [Re: scouter]
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Originally Posted By: scouter
I seat at the bottom of the first groove and have had great results in 4 rifles.

works for me too most times...they likes to jump!

#8218622 - 11/03/13 Re: TSX/TTSX seating depth [Re: AFTERUM]
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55 thousandths off in my Ruger .308.

#8219578 - 11/04/13 Re: TSX/TTSX seating depth [Re: buffybr]
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So far I have seated them almost kissing the lands on four different rifles , and not had a problem. Accuracy was good with all four
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#8220195 - 11/04/13 Re: TSX/TTSX seating depth [Re: montanabadger]
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Thanks guys I'm about .05 off now and will shoot 3 and take the others down to .20,.30, and .50 off the lands. I have 12 loaded up and enough to load another whole box. Will report what I find. Thanks again. powdr

#8220552 - 11/04/13 Re: TSX/TTSX seating depth [Re: powdr]
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Has not mattered for me. .050" worked real well in one rifle, then due to mag limits I was .150" off on another and it is the most accurate load I have in that rifle.

#8221178 - 11/04/13 Re: TSX/TTSX seating depth [Re: buffybr]
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I pretty much use TTSX for all my rifles. I have loaded them from .010 to as much as .095 to get them to shoot. By looking at my data it seems like the bigger the caliber the farther from the lands I have to seat them to get them to shoot.

#8221349 - 11/04/13 Re: TSX/TTSX seating depth [Re: jetbrook]
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I've always gotten a laff at 'web experts' claiming the BR technique of seating at or slightly into the lands obtains best accuracy. In fact, I get laffs at any such supposed simplistic accuracy 'expert tips'. There's only one thing we can be sure of and it's that self appointed experts ain't, no matter how many gun magazine articals or reloading web posts they've read.


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