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#8308848 - 12/02/13 School me on waders
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My wife is an enabler, and now I am a duck hunter. Waterfowl forum doesn't get much traffic-

I need waders.

Cabelas has their '3mm Backwaters' boot foot 600 gram set for $99 with free shipping. Regular $169. Thinking about pulling the trigger on these as I get my feet wet (hope not) so to speak.

Anything to avoid in waders? Temps this morning were 35 degrees, most winter mornings start in the 20's though around here. Probably setting up on small ponds/marshy areas mostly, don't really foresee any real rough terrain, at least at this time.

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#8308901 - 12/02/13 Re: School me on waders [Re: Cheesy]
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Every pair of Cabale's brand Waders I've purchased from them has either leaked right from the Store, or on the first or second hunting trip.

Buy some Simms Guide Weight waders & some good heavy bottom Layer underwear.
Expensive, yes. Worth it when ts freezing cold & your Waders leak, Priceless !

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#8308907 - 12/02/13 Re: School me on waders [Re: chlinstructor]
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#8308908 - 12/02/13 Re: School me on waders [Re: chlinstructor]
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+1 on Simms, and you might want to go more than 3mm on the neoprene if its mainly for duck hunting.
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#8308938 - 12/02/13 Re: School me on waders [Re: ingwe]
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I'm on my second pair of Cabelas ultimate hunter waders and have had no issues. The first ones simply wore out but they held up through brush, and everything else, even some barbed wire fences. Breathable waders are great for early season, but when it comes to the late season I want 5mm neoprene
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#8308967 - 12/02/13 Re: School me on waders [Re: chlinstructor]
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Another vote for Simms. I fish in the White river and that thing is cold enough that you notice leaks QUICK! eek

I've tried cheap waders and hipper's of quite a few brands and they let me down and ruined a few trips.

I bought a pair of Simms and I've been happy for a couple years now. I wasted more money on cheaply made Chinese crap than I spent on the Simms and they are US made and the company stands behind them.

#8308988 - 12/02/13 Re: School me on waders [Re: SmokeEater2]
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simms is it hands down. From friends that are guides.

That being said I've used and still have Cabelas non neoprene( never want neoprene again in my life, too hot and too hard to get off and on.) and they were bought used from a guy, never have had a leak that I can tell. And when they do, I"ll probably buy simms.

But the other take of this, frog toggs breathable boot foot. We use them still in the warmer seasons. Down to freezing temps or so. 50 bucks on clearance usually. Trhough cheapy wading boots or tennis on over and good to go. Actually very tough, ends up leaking where the seams are on the neoprene usually.
For us in TX toggs get use from sept teal through about the end of the first split which is now, thanksgiving.
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#8309006 - 12/02/13 Re: School me on waders [Re: SmokeEater2]
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Simms is outstanding but pricey.

3mm isn't near thick enough for duck hunting, not for me anyway but I'm a bit north of you.

I slummed a pair of waders similar to these for a couple of years. Duck and goose hunted everything from farm ponds to Green Bay with them and then they did double duty for spring steelhead.

Warm and comfortable from Fleet Farm. Would get another pair.

#8309123 - 12/02/13 Re: School me on waders [Re: teal]
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There's no comparison between neoprene waders and the various "breathable" waders. You WILL get damp from sweat with neoprene. The breathable waders let the sweat vapor out and keep you dry on the inside. You obviously need some kind of wool or polypro long underwear for warmth. This is what the pro steelhead guides wear all year and in all weather conditions.

#8309200 - 12/02/13 Re: School me on waders [Re: 270winchester]
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When I am sitting exposed, out on one of the shoals over a bunch of whistler and 'bill decoys in single digit temps, I really like my 5mm neoprene Cabela's waders. Yes, you sweat in them. If you dress right under them it doesn't matter. The pair I'm using now I've had for around ten years with no issues. They are too hot and heavy for early season swamp hunting. I have worn them building docks in January and at other times when you are working around the ice floes and the water surface is slushing up around you. My next pair of waders will be made in USA, just because.
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#8309204 - 12/02/13 Re: School me on waders [Re: 270winchester]
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While I know nothing about using wader in cold temps and water like the Kenai in December or Situk in March, my vote for the BEST wader is Simms. I have been a miserable bastard on fishing trips while wet due to crap waders, no good. I will take my G3 breathables any day. OTOH many guys I know, myself included, enjoy the comfort of Simms Neoprene bootfoot waders sometimes when it is nasty cold and you are just fishing for the day. You HAVE to have a place to dry them out at night. They each have there merits. If you are doing a lot of moving, G3s are your huckleberry, if you are sitting on your ass all day you will want the Neoprene. Again, I have no experience using them down to 0 degrees so don't take my word for it. wink

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#8309717 - 12/02/13 Re: School me on waders [Re: Ptarmigan]
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Bought a pair of those for my son a couple of days ago for a Christmas present.

Personally, if you're not doing a lot of walking, etc., I like neoprene for cold water/weather hunting. 3mm is plenty for down here, but if I'm standing in 45 degree (or colder) water, gimme the 5mm.

And I've had excellent luck with Cabela's stocking foot neoprene waders. I prefer stocking foot for muddy bottom wading as your boot doesn't get pulled off. My first pair (10+ yrs old) "shrank" a couple of years ago, and my son was using those 'til they shrank on him too!!!


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