Mike Melick

Posted by: pacecars

Mike Melick - 10/08/09 01:39 AM

Just ordered a Mike tuned B26 .177 and can't wait to try it out. It has been a while since I sold my HW80
Posted by: jim62

Re: Mike Melick - 10/08/09 09:01 AM

Mike is a great guy..he will do right by you and you'll get as good of a Chinese gun as can be had buying one from him..
Posted by: pacecars

Re: Mike Melick - 10/08/09 06:21 PM

I have heard an awful lot of good things about his guns. I have had several nice airguns (RWS 34, R9, HW80) and this is my first Chinese gun. I know it is not an R9 but I hear he makes them pretty close after tuning.
Posted by: Clint

Re: Mike Melick - 10/08/09 07:19 PM

Two months ago I bought a Chinese Ruger Air Hawk in .177 and I like it. It has a good trigger, easy to cock and accurate. It put 4 squirrels that liked to dine on my garden on a permanent diet. The best part is the cost, $100.00.
Posted by: jim62

Re: Mike Melick - 10/08/09 11:29 PM

Well, Pacecars... That is the only point I disagree with..

Even a Milleck tuned B-26 is still just a Chinese gun made to function better..

It is still not a Beeman R-9. Not even close.

Yet at less than half the price. it's a good value..

It's still a Chinese gun, not an HW product like Beeman sells.

If you truly compared the two side by side thoroughly examining the buld quality and the perfromance, you would see that.

Still, you will get every penny's worth of quality from that Melick tuned gun..
Posted by: pacecars

Re: Mike Melick - 10/09/09 02:31 AM

I am only reporting what I have read. I do not expect it to be up to the quality of the R9 but then again I am paying under $300 for gun, scope, mounts whereas that would be a downpayment to put the Beeman on layaway.
Posted by: jim62

Re: Mike Melick - 10/09/09 02:46 AM


Just be carefull what you read and what you are lead to believe by others. Lot's of folks are too cheap to by good equipment and if it goes bang a few times, they claim it to be as good as a better product.

Anyone who would tell you the B-26 even tuned by Mellick is the full equal of an R-9 is full of crap.And, you should be very leery of any other advice they would give..

Also, the German guns arpeciate in value. I don't see that happening to the Chinese guns at all.
Posted by: pacecars

Re: Mike Melick - 10/09/09 11:45 AM

Well I have had the high quality airguns and they are very nice but very expensive for what you get. I will have a good benchmark to compare the B26 to. But again I did not say anyone said it was the full equal to an R9 and anyone that does is probably on crack. I know the finish of metal and wood alone won't be close. There is always a better chance of getting a lemon with the Chinese airguns but the B26 is one of there better ones and quality control is supposed to be tighter now on these models. All I am expecting is a decent shooter to pop some squirrels with and do some plinking. I would much rather have the B26 with all of its metal parts than a Gamo or Chinese Beeman (Sportsman series) with all their plastics. In the end I know it still will not be an R9 or its equivalent but it may be close even down to a copy of the Rekord trigger.
Posted by: jim62

Re: Mike Melick - 10/09/09 11:51 AM

Well, Pacecars, given your past experience and frame of reference, I'd say you know ahead of time what to expect.

Like I said, Mike M will do you right.

I for one ,look forward to some 25 yard groups and your shooting impressions once you get the gun in hand.. wink
Posted by: pacecars

Re: Mike Melick - 10/09/09 12:20 PM

It should be fun to play with. Believe me, had I not just bought a CZ 527 I would have either bought another R9 or an RX2. I still want to try a gas ram. One day I need to give a PCP a try but they are expensive to get started.
Posted by: jim62

Re: Mike Melick - 10/09/09 01:39 PM

Well, as guy who owns a .204 CZ 527 Varmint.. I hear you,LOL.

One can only on so much on a budget..
Posted by: pacecars

Re: Mike Melick - 10/09/09 01:44 PM

Just picked up the CZ yesterday. Ordered it from Kittery Trading Post and they said it was 85%, I can't find a scratch on it and it looks unfired. They also said it didn't have a set trigger but CZ hasn't made an American without it. It may take a little while to get used to the safety though.
Posted by: jim62

Re: Mike Melick - 10/09/09 02:07 PM

What caliber is the CZ???

And BTW... Some places are selling the Benjamin Discovery pump rifle combos for less than $300. The discovery has made a LOT of believers out of those who critsized it last year when it came out. I bought one with an open mind and certainly am pleased with overall performance I got for the $$ spent..

The pumps have improved a bit and even my first generation Disco pump I've had for about 18 months is still going strong after 100+ fills- some of them to 3,000PSI on a new Marauder...

I like the Disco so much I own two one in each caliber. The guns are upgradable and most of them are capable of 1" or less groups at 50 yards out of the box,if you are..

I think so highly of the Discos I now produce four models of custom stocks for them..They are a darn good little rifle for the $$$. I think in a couple more years it is going to be known as the "Ruger 10/22" of PCP rifles..
Posted by: pacecars

Re: Mike Melick - 10/09/09 02:20 PM

The Cz is a .223, it came with a Bushnell Armor Sight scope which I have not seen in a long time. I plan to replace it with a Leupold 6x shortly.

The Discovery is next on my list. Sunshine Airguns has the .177 with pump for $299 and I have just missed a few used ones with scopes for around $325, but I really want one in .22 caliber.

The Disco has got to be the cheapest way to get into the PCPs. How hard is it to pump up to the right pressure?

Got any pics of your stocks? A custom stock with a custom .20 barrel would be a perfect gun, but then you get back into a lot more money.
Posted by: jim62

Re: Mike Melick - 10/09/09 04:03 PM

Your .223 in the CZ should be a sweet little rifle. My .204 shoots less than 1/2" at 100 yards with it's favorite load..

The Disco is a not hard at ALL to pump up. Once you get it charged with air past 1,000 PSI it's only about 80 pumps to 2,000 PSI. You can get 40+ shots depending on the individual gun or how you have the hammer spring adjusted..

Basically, it works out to 2 pumps per shot for a gun that is WAY more powerfull than any multi pump rifle pumped to max.

One thing about the stocks, a good stock on the Disco makes it into a whole different rifle. Guys have told me they prefer the restoked Discos to a Marauder for a hunting rifle. The Disco is just about as powerful, every bit as accurate and much trimmer and lighter to carry.With a new handle, it's a whole new ballgame.

FWIW, I have shot .20 cal guns and if you push a .22 Pellet 800FPS or more like you can in the Disco, the .22 is a simply a better deal. Shoots just as flat, hits stuff harder and is easier to find pellets and a better selection when you do.
The Crosman Premier or JSB exact .22 pellets are nasty on stuff out to 50 yards plus.

And, really, once you do a few easy, inexpensive tweeks to the Disco to improve the barrel stability, the barrel shoots so close to a custom tube ,it's not even worth messing with.

With good pellets, I have NO trouble shooting 3/8" or less 5 shot groups at 25 yards from a feild rest. Basically, the gun shoots as good as most rimfire rifles do out to 50 yards..

You can buy the Disco and pump, put a good DIY stock on it and a LDC for noise control and STILL be a few bucks less than a NIB Marauder. AND have the pump to boot... It's a pretty good deal.

Posted by: pacecars

Re: Mike Melick - 10/09/09 07:20 PM

Of course, wouldn't you know someone would post this after I spent the money: http://www.airguns.net/classifieds/show_...NumberOfPages=3

Of course just for nostalgia and I hear it is a great shooter and one I have long coveted but a much older gun:
Posted by: Tod

Re: Mike Melick - 10/14/09 03:12 PM

As long as you know what you are buying, some of the Chinese guns are very decent and a great value. Certainly the fit and finish isn't as nice, but for someone looking to blast a few pests in the back yard without spending a lot of money, one of the better made Chinese airguns can be a great solution.

I own an R1, R7 and R9, all of which represent substantial investments, thank is large measure to the cost of German labor. They have a certain cachet and give the owner bragging rights. But for a fraction of the cost, A person who just want to shoot informally can by one of Bam guns and with some work have a very acceptable airgun.

Even Beeman sells a number of Chinese made guns, and those of us who remember the junk that China used to send over have been pleasantly surprised by the quality of the latest models from Xisico.

I recently ordered a BAM XS-B28 after shooting one and reading rave reviews. I'll post my own review here after i get a chance to wring it out.
Posted by: pacecars

Re: Mike Melick - 10/14/09 05:47 PM

I look forward to the review. I had a hard time deciding between the 25, 26 and 28 from Mike. I looked hard at getting another R9 or R7 and the HW50 but in the end decided the B26 would not set me back too much and I could get a better quality gun later if I stick with it this time. There are just too many toys and too little money!
Posted by: Clint

Re: Mike Melick - 10/14/09 07:03 PM

Tod, how was the finish on the stock and the bluing? Sure sounds like a winner.
Posted by: Tod

Re: Mike Melick - 10/16/09 01:50 PM

The bluing is definitely not up to German standards, but is dark and uniform. The wood is not bad, but I did notice a small repair on the stock which I am told is typical of many Chinese guns. I think the stock is beech, with a stain finish. Pretty plain by rifle standards.

As soon as I get mine, I'l post pictures.

One of the odd things I have noticed about Chinese made guns (I have a Beeman RS2 beater) is the barrels often are loaded up with grease and crud. I've helped a couple of people by lapping their barrels with JB bore paste and bore shine and this seems to help velocity and accuracy.

I've also noticed too much grease and oil, which results in dieseling for a long time, so be prepared for a real thorough cleaning and relube. Or just get one from Mike.
Posted by: Clint

Re: Mike Melick - 10/16/09 03:58 PM

The price is right and Mike is one of the better tuners. I thought I would regret getting my Ruger Air Hawk but it is a real good shooter with no problems so far. I bought my first air rifle about 2 months ago and now have 4, I'm surprised California doesn't make them put a warning on them saying 'addictive'. I await your report on the b-28.
Posted by: pacecars

Re: Mike Melick - 10/19/09 07:39 PM

The B26 arrived much sooner than anticipated and looks absolutely fantastic. Pics and Range report to follow.
Posted by: 458 Lott

Re: Mike Melick - 10/20/09 12:38 AM

So how does one contact Mike? I have a ~25 y/o R7 that needs new seals.
Posted by: Clint

Re: Mike Melick - 10/20/09 01:07 AM

Try here.