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#2768023 - 01/28/09 30-30 Leverevolution for elk?
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What do you think guys? What would be your max range....if you think they are appropriate for elk.

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#2768741 - 01/28/09 Re: 30-30 Leverevolution for elk? [Re: Iraklion]
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I'd have no problem with this loading on elk out to about 200 yards if you can be sure of your shot placement. I'd also be looking for a broadside shot, not a long raking one. 3" high at 100 yards puts you just about dead on at 200 but it's dropping pretty good after that.
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#2769472 - 01/28/09 Re: 30-30 Leverevolution for elk? [Re: Jayhawker]
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My shots are never more than 100 far.

#2783380 - 02/03/09 Re: 30-30 Leverevolution for elk? [Re: Iraklion]
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Why not?

#2843878 - 02/26/09 Re: 30-30 Leverevolution for elk? [Re: retrieverman]
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If you roll your own, try the 170 Nosler Partition, if factory ammo only, the Hornady is a good choice

#2921971 - 03/29/09 Re: 30-30 Leverevolution for elk? [Re: ChipM]
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I used them this past winter and shot a deer at about 150 yards. I think they are very accurate and plan on using them next hunting season.

#2932578 - 04/03/09 Re: 30-30 Leverevolution for elk? [Re: Iraklion]
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When I first heard about Remington Leverevolution ammo, I thought that pointed rubber tip was the answer to improved trajectory and increased range on the 30-30 and I was very eager to try some.

Every rifle reacts differently to different factory loads. So one Marlin 336 may do well using the Leverevolution and another may not do so well. My Marlin 336 shoots 1" groups at 100 yards using Federal Premium 150 grain Sierras. I tried Rem Leverevolution and man I was really disappointed because the group grew to about 5". I've tried several times and the results are always about the same. So I won't use them in my rifle.

BTW, I use a Rem 700 30-06 with Fed Premium High Energy 180 grain Nosler Partitions for elk. Although a lot of elk have been killed with the 30-30, I don't use a 30-30 for elk because I don't want to give up 100 yards of range. IMHO 200 yards is max responsible range for 30-30 on elk. I'm sure some other will dispute that and some will claim they have killed elk using 30-30 at much longer ranges. But that's my limit.
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#2932927 - 04/03/09 Re: 30-30 Leverevolution for elk? [Re: KC]
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We have used them very successfully on deer. The core and jacket often separate, no big deal on deer. They are pretty soft, stay in the lungs under 200 yards and you should be ok.



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