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#400337 - 12/29/04 Winchester 9422m xtr sight suggestions
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Hey guys just picked up a sweet 9422m xtr 22mag the rear sight is missing on it,should i scope it or find a rear sight for it,any good after market rear sights for these or should i find a factory rear sight,would like to hear how you guys would set this up..Thanks,mixer
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#400338 - 12/29/04 Re: Winchester 9422m xtr sight suggestions
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I have the 94/22. It has both the sights on it, as well as a tasco 3x9. The bead on the front sight is to large for very accurate shooting. At 25yards it covers 1". What about putting a tang sight on it?

#400339 - 12/29/04 Re: Winchester 9422m xtr sight suggestions
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I have a 9422M & I scoped mine. I guess I probably over did it on the scope though. I put a Burris 3-9 40mm fullfield II on it (back when they were still Made In USA) and I really like the set up. I had to get a slide on base (weaver brand I think) and I think I used a set of Millet rings. I zero mine for 75 yds & I can cut a 3/4" square of bright green masking tape (little smaller than postage stamp size) and place 3 shots inside of that tape square all day long. I set a white paper plate out on a tree trunk one day while visiting with my dad. I had cut a small square out of a piece of black electrical tape & placed it in the center of the white paper plate. Then I used a flat head silver thumb tack & centered it on the tape square using the thumb tack to hold the plate to the tree. I jokingly told dad "I'm going to shoot that thumb tack through the tape square" Well that's just what I did at 75 yds with one shot, the plate fell down & we found the thumb tack head with a hole driven right through it's center. I use mine to snipe sharp tail grouse off the ground out in stubble fields in the fall sometimes at 100 yds, what a hoot! Nice little guns, I have one ready to pick up at the store as I decided to hoard them once I found out they are going to stop making them. The one at the store is also a 9422M but it's a yellowboy, I plan on scoping it with a Leupold v-x 1 (2-7 32mm.) It'll fit the new rifle better proportionally than my 3-9 40mm Burris.
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#400340 - 12/30/04 Re: Winchester 9422m xtr sight suggestions
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I put a Williams receiver sight on mine, and a matching front sight with a square top and white stripe. It is really handy to carry that way, and the front sight is really visible against dark backgrounds. I have some scoped rifles too, but I like the receiver sight better in this rifle.


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