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#537177 - 07/28/05 05:58 PM Longest Penetration achieved from an expanding bullet?
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What is the longest/deepest penetration you ever got from an expanding bullet?
What was the animal taken?
What was the bullet/cartridge/load used?
Were you happy with the result?

I would like you to supply the information and then highlight something to you later on about it all. I already know the answer, but it will mean more to you if I base the result on your info.
The .30/06 threads tend to confirm that there is no animal that cannot be taken using the appropriate bullet.
This essentially means, only a legal aspect remains.

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#537178 - 07/28/05 06:16 PM Re: Longest Penetration achieved from an expanding bullet?
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About 3 years ago, took a mature buck at 160 yards, almost head on. The 125gr partition, from a 264 hit the buck in the point of the left shoulder and he dropped like a rock. When I got to him, I noticed a small bump on the skin of his right rump. Cut the skin open and a beautifully mushroomed bullet fell in my hand. Can't ask for much better performance than that.

#537179 - 07/28/05 06:37 PM Re: Longest Penetration achieved from an expanding bullet?
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A moose, going almost straight away, at about 150 yds. It had been wounded by a hunter I was guiding.

Bullet entered just beside the anus and was recovered under the hide in front of the opposite shoulder.

300 gr Nosler partition from a 375 H&H.


#537180 - 07/28/05 07:01 PM Re: Longest Penetration achieved from an expanding bullet?
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Was hunting bull elk in AZ a few years back. I used a 300 win mag loaded with 200 grain NP's zero'd for 300 yards.

Spotted a bull on a hillside that I knew was aways over there.
Got a good rest turned my scope to 12 x and
set the horizontal hair on the bulls back and touched off, bullet
hit 3 feet below of where he was standing. I then set the top
point of the bottom plex on the bulls back and touched off.
It dropped him and it dropped the small cow behind him, the one I couldnt see. One shot, one bullet, two dead elk, complete penetration on both animals.

#537181 - 07/28/05 07:24 PM Re: Longest Penetration achieved from an expanding bullet?
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Possibly not the answer you are looking for but, long ago and far away..........

Hunting elk and deer on Dworschack (sp.) reservoir in Id. Hunting partner and I were bumbling back to camp in near darkness. A good sized 4x4 bull got up in front of us maybe 75 yds out and stopped. Partner hit him in the right rear ham and bullet exited far left shoulder. Missed bone in the rear, broke bone going out. Bullet then passed through a 6" sapling and continued on........presumably stopped by the dam some miles away.

30-06 220 gr Rem Core Lokt. Factory velocity. High SD, fairly low impact velocity, tough bullet.


#537182 - 07/28/05 11:24 PM Re: Longest Penetration achieved from an expanding bullet?
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The longest penetration I have gotten was with a 168 grain barnes X bullet fired from a 308. It entered near the front right shoulder. The shot was taken at about 160 yards. Somehow, the bullet appeared to have deflected inside the deer. It took a hard left-hand turn, went through the body cavity and ended up breaking the left rear leg and stop just under the skin. That dear managed to run over 200 yards before it finally piled up. I have no explanation for how the bullet veered off course once it entered the deer. It was definitely not a bang flop shot.

I've been ambivalent about using X bullets on deer size games since then. I spoke with a technician at Barnes today about using the new triple X bullets on deer sized game. He told me that their newest bullets have been engineered to expand sooner, oftentimes with in the first inch of penetration. He said that he had recently been shooting jack rabbits with them and reported that they were expanding well on them.

I just started tinkering with a box of 100 gr grain triple X bullets in my 25-06. They look like they're going to shoot accurately from my rifle but even after carefully following the instructions to go one or two grains above the maximum listed load for plain Barne's bullets, I'm still about 150 fps slower than the velocities that Barnes lists. I believe I will try them out on a few ground hogs and crows first before I decide whether or not to point them at a long-range deer this year.

Back to the penetration thing. The most impressive shot, I've taken involved a 180 grain trophy bonded bear claw bullet from a 30- 06. I made a two for one shot at about 150 yards on two mature Whitetail does. The first one dropped at the shot, while the ones standing behind her made it about 30 yards before piling up. I found the perfectly expanded bullet just inside the far side of her chest cavity.
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#537183 - 07/29/05 01:29 AM Re: Longest Penetration achieved from an expanding bullet?
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I am expecting it to be a Nosler Partition. I have several stories about same and game shot with the .375"/300 grain Partition.

One sticks out though, a warthog that I did a "corner to corner" shot, right hip to left shoulder through a lot of spine. Multiple feet of penetration, but I didn't measure the wound track.

Also a Texas heat shot on a mountain reedbuck (of all things) with a .308"/180 grain Winchester FailSafe that got parts of the hip,spine and shoulder. I actually recovered that bullet and it weighs 180.1 gr.

I was more than satisfied with those.

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#537184 - 07/29/05 02:23 AM Re: Longest Penetration achieved from an expanding bullet?
macrabbit Offline
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a Texas heat shot

Is this a Freudian slip that proves that to a Texan matters of the heart are just matters of being in heat?

#537185 - 07/29/05 09:21 AM Re: Longest Penetration achieved from an expanding bullet?
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Sent a client to Africa with a 416 Rem mag and rounds I loaded with 400X. Shot the usual array including Eland and Oryx. Those two largest happened to be the south end of northbound animals and one X was recovered under the skin in the throat area. After soaking and brushing to remove excess material we have a bullet that weighs 400.2 grains. Both shots were a bit over 200 yards according the the PH. The other was same results, but complete pass through.

My personal results on larger game are Nilgai. Started them with my 300 and another 2 folks had 7 Rem Mags. All started with non X bullets. The two 7 mags were fired at over 250 yards broadside and both bullets were under the opposite skin, no shoulder hit. Both folks using 175 Partitions. I was using a 180 Partition in 300 Wtby. Shot was 180 yards in the rump. Did not penetrate past the hips but shattered both hips really bad.

Then switched to X bullets for the next trips. Have not recovered a bullet in a Nilgai since then, yet the other 2 folks with 7s and Partitions rarely penetrated totally. And lets no even laugh about my broadside contender 30-30 rounds with factory 170s. Under 100 yards on Nilgai. Never hit a bone other than a rib. Managed to fire 7 witnessed rounds before he fell over. Some of these bullets never made it to the ribs on the other side.

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#537186 - 07/29/05 02:54 PM Re: Longest Penetration achieved from an expanding bullet?
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As of late,The 45-70 with a 300 Barnes XFN on Elk.It went in just in front of the left rear leg and penetrated the rest of the body and exited through the right from quarter.The ole 45-70 with the new velocities it can achieve and the good bullets like Barnes/Nosler/North Fork/Woodleigh/Swift A-Frame and the Kodiak,make it better than ever.


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