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#1266499 - 02/22/07 .356 vs .358 vs .375???
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All this talk about the 336 conversion got me curious...what are the differences/advantages/disadvantages of the three rounds compared to say the 30-30 and the 35 rem?

also why the .356 over the .358 offered in the conversion?


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#1266521 - 02/22/07 Re: .356 vs .358 vs .375??? [Re: lubbockdave]
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The 356 is just cooooooooooool. The 375 ain't all that. The 358 is though.....Any of 'em kick the 30-30's ass by a wide margin......I refuse to denigrate the 35 Rem.....

#1266588 - 02/22/07 Re: .356 vs .358 vs .375??? [Re: 2muchgun]
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All mentioned (including the .35 rem) will drag a 30-30 backwards. I've owned savage 99's in .375 and .358 and marlins in .356 and .375.

IMO the .375 is the pick of the litter for a marlin. The .356 is more powerful, but it's almost overkill for a marlin The .375 lays the smack down on deer and it kicks about like the .35 rem. With handloads the .375 can be much more powerful.


#1267438 - 02/22/07 Re: .356 vs .358 vs .375??? [Re: weagle]
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I would respectfully disagree with my learned friend from Atlanta on this point.

I think that the 356 is a far more useful cartridge than the 375, unless you want to shoot cast lead bullets. I've successfully shot deer with 375 factory loads fired from both Marlin and Savage rifles, but deer are pretty easy to kill at woods ranges. The 356 works well for both medium and medium/large game, particularly with the 180 grain Speer loaded for deer and the 220 grain Speer loaded for anything that is bigger, tougher, or requires lots of penetration. In contrast, the 375 after-market bullet selection seems kind of weak to me, with the 220 grain Hornady and 200 grain Sierra offerings being the most common. If you look at the bullet specs, the 180 and 220 grain Speers seem to offer the potential for a meaningful performance bump over either of the 375 bullets from Hornady or Sierra.

Yes, the 356 has more recoil, particularly if you load it hot, but it offers a degree of potential reloading flexibility that the 375 just doesn't offer. And, even if it does recoil more, we're talking about a hunting rifle, not a varmint or target rifle.

It is my opinion that the 356 in a rebored or rechambered Marlin 336 is a great value in a lever action hunting rifle. Since it isn't original, it won't ever be collectable, but it offers an inexpensive vehicle with a lot of performance in a knock-about rifle.


#1267891 - 02/22/07 Re: .356 vs .358 vs .375??? [Re: 260Remguy]
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The 375 is not even in the same league as a 348, 356, 358, 444, etc. power-wise. I've no problem with the cartridge, but it's more in the 35 Rem(which I like) arena, and bullet selection flat out sucks.......Hawk bullets would get the they could probably give the 375 a nice little boost performance wise......

#1268022 - 02/22/07 Re: .356 vs .358 vs .375??? [Re: 2muchgun]
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I still think the .375 is the perfect package for a .336 action. There isn't a huge seletion of bullets, but I think a medium stout loaded 220 gr flat point will do nicely for anything needing a little more killing than the 200 gr factory loads provide. If more than that is needed, I'm probably reaching for a mauser based bolt gun.

For the .35 caliber I like the .358 in a Savage lever gun, but 260remguy is dead on that the .356 conversion is a lot of bang for the buck in a marlin. If I can find a deal on another marlin 30TK I might send it to be rebored to .356 to match my .375.


#1268218 - 02/23/07 Re: .356 vs .358 vs .375??? [Re: weagle]
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Mine is a Marlin .375 Win. 220g hornady @ 2230fps is my accuracy load but it goes higher. AA1680 works great.

200g Sierra will do 2400fps with ease.

Accurate lists 2512fps and 2372fps for the 200 and 220 respecively.

HAve only had the opportunity to take one antelope wiht this rifle. Used the 220 at 167 lasered yards.

The buck antelope took a death leap and collapsed with an in-an-out through the chest.
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#1284735 - 03/02/07 Re: .356 vs .358 vs .375??? [Re: Coyote_Hunter]
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I'm a Levergun fan..I've owned a couple of 356win. in 94BB,(sold them a few years ago ...(ouch!) I now own a 94BB in 375win. ,444M,a 94 in 30-30 and Marlins in 375win. ,45/70 2 in 35 Rem. and just purchased a 336 in 30-30..
as for the debate between the 356win. and 375win.
With my handloads I can push the 220gr.Speer 358 bullet to 2400 fps the 180gr. Speer to over 2540fps.
The 375 win. bullet useing 375 win brass can push the 220gr Hornaday bullet to 2230fps.and the 200gr. Sierra to the same speed ...So I choose the 220gr. bullet
The 220gr. 358 bullet has better SD than the 220gr. 375 bullet ,but the 375win bullet makes a bigger hole...
But even though I like the 375 win. the 356 win has the edge (at least with my handloads)

And with the right handloads the 35 Rem. is on the heels of the 375 Win.
The 220 gr. Speer bullet loaded in the 35 Rem. bullet is pushed to 2200fps by Buffalo Bore
I've never used 220gr bullets in my 35 Rem. handloads but I can easliy push the 200gr. CL to 2200fps and the 180 gr. Speer to 2400fps. in my 35 Rem.
I know by comparing the 35 Rem. to the 375 Win the 375 has a Larger Dia. bullet but the 358 bullet has a better SD.

#1286040 - 03/03/07 Re: .356 vs .358 vs .375??? [Re: lubbockdave]
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Personally I've owned one 358 WIN , a pair of 356 WIN and a pair of 375 WIN .

The 358 was a Ruger 77R bolt action , the 356's were Marlin 336ER's and the 375 were Marlin 's as well .

And of the 5 the only one I DON'T own anymore is the 358 .

And as far as the other two cartridges are concerned I don't see a whole lot of difference . Killed my first deer with the 375 about 3 years ago and the first with the 356 this past season .


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