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#1725508 - 10/08/07 07:24 PM Fire lapping a 22lr.
Centex Bill Offline

Registered: 12/13/05
Posts: 183
I was looking through the Midway catalog and saw that David Tubb has a firelapping kit for 22lr. I think it has progressively finer grit to polish the bore? This kit is about $30.

Is fire lapping advisable in a 22lr. I have a Marlin 39a microgrove barrel and will be getting a CZ452 American.

What do you fellows think????

Centex Bill

#1725511 - 10/08/07 07:25 PM Re: Fire lapping a 22lr. [Re: Centex Bill]
VAnimrod Offline
Campfire Oracle

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Just shoot it.

The 39A and the 452 are about as accurate as they will ever get, if you feed them what they like.

The lapping kit, will be a waste of money better spent on ammo.

#1725524 - 10/08/07 07:31 PM Re: Fire lapping a 22lr. [Re: VAnimrod]
Stillwater Offline
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It's just my opinion, but I think a rifle barrel should be lapped, only if there is a compelling reason to do it...!


#1725553 - 10/08/07 07:40 PM Re: Fire lapping a 22lr. [Re: Stillwater]
Gene L Offline
Campfire Guide

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Loc: Georgia
I ain't lapping no .22 rifle. I've got some precision target .22s, and I don't see any reason to mess with them.

Plus, in my experience, and I think in the experience in others, a .22 LR shoots better after 100 or so rounds, up to 500.

Every time I've cleaned a match rifle, I've lost accuracy for a while.
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#1725568 - 10/08/07 07:45 PM Re: Fire lapping a 22lr. [Re: Stillwater]
HawkI Offline
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Yes, firelapping works but you can damage any gun by not doing it right! It's advised that you do not lap the bore larger in the grooves than your bullet diameter. This means you must have the proper tools and ability to slug your barrel end to end.

I would just shoot it!
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#1726983 - 10/09/07 01:06 PM Re: Fire lapping a 22lr. [Re: Centex Bill]
Chinook Offline
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Loc: Sonoma, California
The concept seems questionable for a quality .22 LR barrel that already shoots.

I'd pass.
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#1740981 - 10/16/07 10:45 AM Re: Fire lapping a 22lr. [Re: Centex Bill]
1minute Offline
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A large proportion of the accuracy issues with 22 lr's involves finding one or two brands of ammo that work well. One my do no better than hitting baseballs at 50 yds with one brand and be driving tacks with another. Spring for a box of every brand one can find and go shoot some paper. Give the rejects to someone who doesn't care.

I would not dink with a barrel until one has looked at ammo and/or a potential headspace issue. 1Minute

#1741181 - 10/16/07 12:38 PM Re: Fire lapping a 22lr. [Re: 1minute]
260Remguy Offline
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Registered: 12/18/02
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Loc: NE

Even if Dave Tubbs sells this kit, I can't imagine ever fire lapping any barrel. If a factory rimfire barrel is so rough that it needs to be lapped, it probably needs to be replaced.

Whenever someone brings me a .22 LR rifle that won't shoot, I check the base and ring screws. Then I run a patch with Hoppe's #9 through the bore, if for no other reason than to establish a baseline performance level. Then I shoot a variety of ammo, usually starting with RWS Target Rifle or Rifle Match. On Ruger 10/22s, I always check to make sure that the barrel attachment is tight.


#1741422 - 10/16/07 02:43 PM Re: Fire lapping a 22lr. [Re: 260Remguy]
DMB Offline
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Loc: Grayling, MI
For barrels that aren't lapped by the maker, hand lapping works.
I'd never consider fire lapping however.
Don Buckbee

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#1741606 - 10/16/07 04:14 PM Re: Fire lapping a 22lr. [Re: DMB]
shreck Offline
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Loc: littoral North Carolina
I have never heard of fire lapping a small bore.
Would this work on an older rifle?
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