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Re: breakfast burrito ShaunRyan 20 minutes ago
[Linked Image from i.postimg.cc]

[Linked Image from i.postimg.cc]

Couldn't decide on red or green so used green in the burrito with red on the side.
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Gateway Pundit- Mar a Lago Update !!! Ding ding ding slumlord 20 minutes ago
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Re: What Could Possibly Go Wrong BOWHUNR 21 minutes ago
Originally Posted by ol_mike
Maybe trying to flush the tank without dropping it? Who knows..

My boss on the offshore rigs Robert needed to weld a gas tank, what and why I don't remember.
He ran a big hose from the exhaust pipe into the tank, the exhaust displaced the oxygen while he welded it. Everybody got way back away from what they thought was going to be a huge fire and man burned alive. It worked out, no fire extinguisher needed.

I've thermite welded many anode bags onto steel fuel storage tanks both above and below ground. In the case above it makes no difference, but when welding tanks we had them full to capacity to eliminate all vapors. I saw pipeline guys weld on hot lines often when I worked at the Amoco pipeline terminal.
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Re: WTB——Florida real estate tndrbstr 22 minutes ago
Check with deflave, I once heard him say that next to Texans, Wisconsiners would be his favorite choice in a new neighbor. laugh
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Re: Ever smack a buzzard on the highway? Birdwatcher 22 minutes ago
Originally Posted by rockinbbar
Originally Posted by strosfann
The largest thing I’ve hit with a windshield was a hen pheasant - can’t imagine the thump from a big old buzzard.

Buzzards are pretty light and surprisingly fragile. Lotsa wingspan, but not very heavy.

I bet that pheasant was heavier.

Yep, they are set to run in economy mode, they can go for a week or more at a time between meals too.
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Gateway Pundit - ginormous fire slumlord 22 minutes ago
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Re: English, MoFo! Do You Speak It? 12344mag 23 minutes ago
Originally Posted by akrange
Ever Notice that each crowd Mr. Pudd’n draws it’s IQ level is much more Degraded than the
Last Crowd ..

This group looks like Jim Jones Material in need of a
Caldron of Fireball..

Lol, I don't call 25 people a crowd.
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Re: SAKO ANNIVERSARY RIFLE hanco 23 minutes ago
I’ll take it. Pm sent

I’ve always wanted one of these!
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Re: amazing ammo deal for 6.5x55 shooters Featherweight6555 23 minutes ago
I just ordered 4 boxes from Rivertownmunitions.com same price and SKU #. Rivertowns ad states Partition.
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Re: video: police break up girl fight jaguartx 24 minutes ago
Originally Posted by deflave
Originally Posted by JohnnyLoco
Oh Deflave, I’ve been called so much worse , maybe even by you.

Stick to what you know.

Whatever that may be.

Hahaha. Good one Col.

Wait, sounds to me like he knows negroes and pepper spray.

Johnny, uh, were those ladies.
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Re: Women as They Age hanco 26 minutes ago
Sex is just as good, down to once a week, she has always cut all her meat up unless in a restaurant. She has become more tolerant of me leaving something laying around. She likes everything in its place, house spotless. I have no real complaints other I guess she will die from smoking, but goes outside for that cshit. It has killed all her parents, aunts, and uncles.
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Re: Some changes in the works tndrbstr 28 minutes ago
Ya, well your "neighbors" are grain feeders, so I can see why your place would be a prime destination. I can also see why anything or anyone that lives around you would be more than happy to help you pack your bags…dick wattle
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Re: 22 Hi-Power goes hunting gnoahhh 29 minutes ago
If a HP will deck a tiger it should do a black bear likewise.
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Re: Your best Game Warden story. Buck52 30 minutes ago
I had just quit school and started herding sheep for a local rancher in the early spring. Things were going along okay, and the camp tender would deliver my necessities every two weeks. This was done with all the sheep camps, mainly to keep track of how the bands of sheep were doing. I mentioned to the camp tender that I had seen a game warden off in the distance a couple of times, but that was the only human I’d seen.
A few days later we got hit by a spring storm and it dropped about 30” of snow. I’d spent all day out with the sheep, getting the ones that laid down back on their feet, as the weight of the snow on them would keep them down. I made it back to the sheep wagon as it was getting dark, and saw a light on in my wagon. I opened the door to find the game warden cooking up some antelope I’d shot for campmeat, and after introducing himself to me, he stated his truck was stuck a few ridges away, and he’d seen my camp and headed to it.
He was a swell fellow, and for the next couple of days helped me out, showing me some tricks to herding sheep, and batching I hadn’t learned yet. In short, my camp was the happiest one in the region during this time. He cooked the meals and entertained me with stories of his life.
After the snow melted enough He could make it to town, he stated it was time for him to go, and after saying goodbye handed me a ticket for poaching an antelope out of season.
WHen the camptender showed up, I told him my tale and showed him the ticket, and man did he cuss out that warden. He took the ticket with him, and my boss paid it. I left a couple of months later to work as a cowboy on another outfit south west of there, and never heard how the warden and rancher got along.
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Re: WTB: Used Ruger American .243 setup eblake 30 minutes ago
Pm sent
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Re: Kari Lake picks-up HUGE Endorsement PaulBarnard 30 minutes ago
Thanks for the news. I don't know where I'd find it if you didn't report it here.
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Re: WTS.45-70 Brass/Bullets kenacp 31 minutes ago
[Linked Image from i.postimg.cc]
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Re: How uncommon are the .375s? damnesia 32 minutes ago
I have one of the SS guide guns in 45-70. I only really bought it because I got it for a song, but I was concerned about it's kick. I find it comfortable to shoot and that's with the buffalo bore bear loads ( it came with a couple hundred rounds ). I also can shoot a 308 all afternoon and not be bothered. However, I plan on never shooting a 30-06 again in my life. Last time I shot one or those it felt like someone hit my on the shoulder with a large hammer.

It's strange how different calibers effect people differently.
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Re: f/s KNIGHT D.I.S.C. BLACK POWDER .50 cal Justahunter 33 minutes ago
Dang… I’ll take it for $225 shipped.

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Re: Whiner Piss Ant Jackoff Handy Believes Conncealed Carry License Holders Are All Cowards 🤪 worriedman 34 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Jcubed
Originally Posted by worriedman
Originally Posted by Jcubed
Which law to follow, the law legally passed or the "law" illegally passed?

Does that distinction make any difference to you?


If you want to walk about carrying a firearm for your own protection, I would suggest that you follow the law as passed where you are at the moment. You can get very dead very quick if you don't.

The advantage we have in the US is the ability to vote with our feet. Don't like the law where you are, you can go to a place that it is different, up to and including Vermont that has no restrictions.

Also, if you don't like what the pols have done at the behest of the Chamber of Commerce where you are, you can do one of two things, work hard to change it, or accept it.

To violate a carry restriction makes us no better than a thief or a murderer. How do you parse obeying one law and not another?

Is this a serious reply?

It is. Committing a crime is a crime (some are worse than others, granted) but if you teach your kids to pick and choose which laws to obey instead of obeying them all you condone law breaking. Where do you stop.

Is it not better to work to improve the legislation than to just tell them to break the law?

Most States say their General Assembly sets the laws, if you refuse to follow them regarding carry, which is normally a high caliber misdemeanor, or even a felony in some places, does that make us better than other criminals?

I do not agree with 90% of the firearms regs, but they are in fact the law.
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Re: Hell, I'm still here PintsofCraft 35 minutes ago
Outstanding!! Thanks for the update & wonderful writing that I grew up pouring over. Keep the hammer down on that Lambo.
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Re: TRADE CZ527 Maxima Medium Rings 30mm for Inch 257_X_50 36 minutes ago
Think I have a set. Check tonight
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Re: Fug Ian Seafire 38 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Jeffrey
Originally Posted by deflave
Originally Posted by PaulBarnard
Originally Posted by deflave
Originally Posted by STRSWilson
Looks like Destin will see Ian. Going to cut into my beach time.


Try acting like a man.

It would certainly be an act.

eyeball still hasn't figured out what STR is.

It’s a fuel additive, right? Or is it a dodge neon with a big rear spoiler and a coffee can tail pipe?

what you call a coffee can tail pipe, my son calls those a "Fart Cannon"...

I think his description is more accurate.... especially seeing the rest of the car they are normally installed on ...and the people who drive 'em.
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Re: Va squirrel season starts on Saturday, when does your's start? 10gaugemag 40 minutes ago
Pard killed 1 red this morning. Saw quite a few, probably a dozen but all others were Grey's and they rarely sit still plus all of the leaves make it hard to get a shot with a .22

Saw 3 deer too. Nice morning to be out for sure.
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Re: Housing price drop prediction PintsofCraft 41 minutes ago
Originally Posted by hillestadj
Cool, I guess? If you're paying cash.

If you take a 30 year mortgage out, random figures;

2020 $400,000 2.9% = $1665 per month

20% decrease in value $320,000 @ 7.5% = $2237 month


Exactly my earlier point. Some don’t get it - many will hopefully wake up
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