The seventh annual,

Safari Rifle Challenge
World Championships in Libby, Montana
Sunday July 9, 2017 8am-4pm

The Event: This is a family oriented shoot featuring both life size and moving targets. It is designed to simulate events encountered on an African Safari. Targets will be scored and times will be announced, but since all prizes are awarded by random drawing, you will be competing purely for the glory of sport! Participants will be expected to cheerfully help with reset of targets, powering the moving targets and any other menial labor that may be necessary for the greater good. ALL shooters must be at least 18yrs old and pre-registered. There is a $20 participation fee which will also entitle you to a commemorative t-shirt.

The Guns: This is a big bore, dangerous game rifle shoot. Essentially .375/9.3 caliber or larger cartridges in single shot, bolt action or double rifles with minimum muzzle energy of 4000 ft/lb. If you have an antique double rifle in a smaller caliber that is capable of taking big game then bring it! Single shot, double barrel or bolt action 10/12/20 gauge guns firing single lead balls or slugs will also be allowed. Sorry, but no handguns, pump or semi-automatic firearms. You will need about 30 rounds.

The Rules: All guns will be placed in the racks with actions open. When it is your turn to shoot, you will be directed to get your rifle by the range master. SAFETY AND MUZZLE CONTROL ARE NON-NEGOTIABLE! The start position will generally be low ready with a round in the chamber, finger off the trigger and the safety on, unless otherwise directed by range staff. A range master “PH” will stay beside you at all times while on the course. On most stages, there will be a limited amount of ammunition allowed in your gun when starting the stage, extra rounds will have to be loaded from the belt, pocket, butt stock etc. We reserve the right to change the course of fire based on our disposition, your disposition, untimely demise of the targets, comments from the peanut gallery, weather or whatever other factors may be present. All distances are approximate and subject to change.

The Course of fire: Shooting positions will vary from standing on your hind legs and shooting offhand, to kneeling and seated. Frequently it will be a combination of positions. Some stages may require the use of shooting sticks which will be provided. Many stages will require you to fire at a target, move to another spot, reload and then fire at a second target. All movement will be done with an empty gun and all reloading will be done once you are safely at the next shooting position. If you have any physical issues that preclude a certain activity we will cheerfully accommodate you.

The 10 stage course is specifically designed to NOT favor any particular style of rifle or sight system. Distances will vary between 5 and 75+ yards. Targets will vary from life-size broadside buffalo and elephant heads to clay birds, water jugs and steel gongs.

Location: Libby Shooting Sports Complex on Farm to Market Rd. across from the Libby Airport.

Time: Shooting starts at 8 am SHARP! Please arrive early to check in and get setup. Remember to bring lawn chairs, hat and sunscreen. You are encouraged to bring your own food and drinks (NO ALCOHOL ON RANGE PROPERTY). Water and soft drinks will be available for purchase in the clubhouse.

Please email me to sign up or request more information.

P.S. There will be vendors on site including Montana Rifle Company and Norma USA who will once again have a large display of their rifles and ammunition available to test fire and Skinner Sights will display their line of fine aperture sights and custom carry /range bags.

Directions; From Libby; Take Hwy 2 east about 3 miles from town. As the highway starts up a steep hill in front of you, watch for Bowker Rd at the bottom of the hill on your LEFT side. Take Bowker 100yds to the intersection with State Rd 482 (Farm to Market rd). Turn RIGHT on 482 and go 3.5 miles to the range which will be on your left. If you get to the airport you have just passed the range.

From Kalispell- HWY 2; as you go down the steep hill entering Libby, turn RIGHT on Bowker. Take Bowker 100yds to the intersection with State rd 482 (Farm to Market rd). Turn RIGHT on 482 and go 3.5 miles to the range which will be on your left. If you get to the airport you have just passed the range.

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