I've held two new Remlins in .45 Colt in the last two weeks. One looked like it had no finish on the stock, a canted front sight, a crooked rear sling stud (if you shoot with your arm through the sling, will it offset the sight?:)), and a 10 pound trigger.

The other was an octagon barrel job (heavy), and the lever would drop about a 1/4" and that was it. Lever wouldn't drop further, bolt wouldn't move at all. Counter dude was obviously annoyed, fooled with it, put it up an said "that ones going back to Marlin".

Remlin is 0-2. While the design is supposedly sound enough, one could make some sort of comment about the execution being performed by an inbred learning-disabled grade schooler from whatever state or region you choose to disparage, but I digress..........

I wanted a new gun that fit my needs. I wasn't interested in what brand X did 20 or 120 years ago. Marlin and Henry both had rifles close to the spec I wanted. I'd have bought a Marlin if they had shown any inclination towards quality. They didn't.

Ordered a 16.5" steel framed round barreled Henry Monday.

The Henry's I've held and shot have been pretty smooth, decent triggers, accurate, and the steel framed round barrel models are still reasonably light. Really hope when mine gets here it is consistent with the ones I've fooled with and fondled.

Might not look like Shrapnel's (beautiful guns, as per usual), but I think it'll likely feed, shoot, and show some degree of reasonable quality control when it gets here.

Range report will be coming sometime this spring..........

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