yes the newer levers like the Henry lever rifles may not be as good as the older Winchesters or Marlins,but you can say the same thing about bolt action rifles also 50 year old Sako bolt actions,pre 64 Winchesters, Remington 700`s made in the 50`s, 60`s or 70`s those bolt actions were some of the best ever made. i kinda thing its America`s fault and some other countries too ? why ? good help is hard to get ,money > big gun companies want to build fast , cheaper materials with poor informed workers. try to find young people with good work habits and ability ,i know as a lineman and foreman i seen some very poor help hired in my line of work these days,but i did manage to get few that were good lineman. its like these young city -town broken family kids have no respect for anything or pride in what they do,its all me-me -me,you can bet Henry Rifles has trouble finding good help too these days.