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Fondled several Henrys at the RMEF show in Vegas. The more I handle the 16.5" Big Boy Steel (they had a .44 mag at the show), the more I like it.
16.5" Big Boy Steel Carbine weights 6.59lbs. Prolly is heavier than a short barreled '92.
In terms of a 16.5" .45 Colt though, it comes closer to what I want, than anything CURRENTLY produced at anywhere near that price point. At least as far as I can tell.

I would likely swap to a regular lever instead of the big loop and put on a Skinner peep on it.

The one I went with as a walking around rifle for targets of opportunity (like coyotes, and a deterrent for any 2 legged predators) and companion to the 44 handgun I usually carry. I like winchester 94s as I think they carry better and not as heavy as Marlins in equal calibers. I don't consider this Henry heavy, however I've yet to shoot it. Action is smooth, wood is nice, would prefer a loading gate but for what I'm using it for and the price it should do well. My first lever in a handgun caliber, and first Henry.