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You have to go back a lot of years to find a lever with the fit and finish of a Henry.

While all the arguments exist for the superiority of the savage 99, the Winchester, or the Marlin; the truth is, they don't exist any more. I plan to take advantage of the one American company that can make a quality lever rifle while I can, and not spend all my time trying to make them mimic a failed company.

Just a reminder of the title of the thread is “what don’t you like” about a Henry. To make a comparison without a comparison is impossible so I will make a comparison.

The idea that it is the best made lever action is not true. If you want to find characteristics that are preferable, that can be accomplished. Made in America is a quality that can be said about a Henry, but if you think it is better made than the current Winchester 1873, you are mistaken. The price point is close as well, so the value is about a personal liking of the Henry over the Winchester.

When someone states what they don’t like about the Henry and that is what the thread is about, why get upset? You can have your Henrys and I will have something else, it is just that simple...

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If you want to fit in with a new crowd, ask them if they know shrapnel. There is no friggin' way they won't know who that man is. He is the Chuck Norris of Montana and you will have a nice icebreaker to discuss.