Got my Henry a few weeks ago.
Bear in mind, it is a round barreled, steel frame model, 16.5" barrel.

Weightwise, it likely is a shade heavier than a Marlin or Winchester of like barrel length. The barrel is a touch heavier contour than on other .45 Colt leverguns, the buttstock is thicker, and the forend is deeper (Hawken type "perch belly"). Also, it has a pretty thick recoil pad (not a bad thing) that is likely heavier than the plastic found on current Marlins or Winchesters or the thin metal found on vintage models. While heavier, it's far from burdensome, and the weight, stock dimensions, and recoil pad will likely be appreciated when touching off "ruger only" loads.

It felt a bit rough and would hang up when closed slowly, so, I tore it apart (good video on their site), wiped everything down, soaked it down with Lucas Gun Oil, cycled it a couple hundred times, now she's slick as a ribbon. Bore was pretty filthy (wonder what crap they test fired it with), but a few trips with a .45 jag, patch, and Hoppe's #9, all was well.

So far, it feeds H&G 68's, Lee 230 TC's, 454424's, and RCBS 230 CM's just fine. The only thing that has given any trouble are my beloved 270SAA's (a design developed by Dave Scovill, so some of you can now double up on hate), one batch fed fine, the other didn't. OAL was a tick longer on the batch that didn't feed (I think I bothered to trim the other at some point, for some reason), so I'll likely file around .010"-.020" off the "fence" on the lifter/carrier thingy.

Fit and finish? New Marlin can't even get in the same area code. Handled two. One had terrible fit an finish, the other wouldn't work (went into detail in a previous post). Dunno about stuff from 20-120 years ago. Don't care. If the Marlins I looked at would've even looked like someone was trying, I'd have bought one. Didn't look at Winchesters as I couldn't find a short barreled .45 Colt on their website.

How's it shoot? I single fed a dozen 270SAA's over 9 grains of Universal (this was the lot that didn't want to feed). Off my hind feet and kneeling, it was well inside minute of paper plate at 50 yards. Will likely do a bit more "development" as well as add a peep sight. Recoil was nothing (see above). That's all I've had time for so far.

What don't I like about it?

-The trigger, while it does break clean, is pretty heavy (6-7lbs). Hoping it lightens up a bit with use. If not, I'll figure out some sort of alteration.

-I've never been wild about a buckhorn rear sight, no different this time, fact is, I hate it. I'll likely put a peep on it (was looking at Skinner, I think I like the Ranger Point Precision better though).

-I managed to ding the stock (which was gonna happen at some point). Wrapped it in a Carhartt and put it in the back seat of the truck with nearly nothing else back there and it still got dinged. Spun me into a new dimension of pissed off (mostly on account of knowing it was my fault, shoulda dug out a soft case). Totally not Henry's fault, but it still pissed me off. Just had to mention it.

More info will be forthcoming if work ever slows down and it ever stops raining............