I know it's rather subjective, and can vary widely depending on what industry/type of work one does. However, curious as to what everyone is using for an edc folder. I haven't really carried a pocket knife for years, but recently have found myself needing a knife for various tasks. Currently I have a Benchmade 535 Bugout. It's a nice enough knife, but the handle leaves much to be desired as there's no reinforcement, so the handle tends to flex a bit.

Thinking about trying something else.

Trying to narrow it down to one knife that fits all possible criteria better than any other knife, such as ergonomics, blade shape, thickness, steel type/edge type, price, weight, sharpening skill, sharpening habits, etc.

Must haves:

1. Has to be sharp, and hold an edge well.
2. Must lock securely
3. Must be dependable
4. Relatively inexpensive (under 150)

So, what are you gents using? Pictures, blade material, and model names appreciated.