Still have not shot my Big Boy steel 327 Carbine. But have been playing with it quite a bit.

Do not like that the screws in the top of the receiver are proud. And they are a bigger screw size than used for most scope bases.

Explanation, there are three holes on the receiver for mounting scope bases. The Skinner sight only uses the front and rear hole. But the 2'nd screw is proud and the sight will not sit on the receiver with it in place. I tried to fill the hole with a brass screw from another rifle, but the brass screw was too small diameter.

I hate the idea that there is an open hole in the receiver under the Skinner Sight.

I pulled the wood off of it today and gave it three applications of "Gun Coat" and put it back together. Very pleased with wood to metal fit, and very pleased with the trigger.

I also do not like the condition of the bore from the factory. I spent an hour with a bronze brush, patches, and Birchwood Casey gun scrubber trying to get the bore clean enough to give it a dose of UBC.
Perhaps the barrels are hammer forged, and have never been cleaned up after forming? IDK

Yes, I know, UBC is kind of a waste of time on a 327, especially with powder coated bullets. But I am doing it in hopes of enhanced weather protection when the grandkids take it out. It sure can't hurt anything.

I will be willing to bet though, the Henry will work better than my one Marlin, an 1894 FG in 41 mag. The Marlin took three trips to the gunsmith and most of a year to cure it of jamming (double feed).

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