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I have just started fooling around with my blade blank. I used 220 grit on a belt and then diamond stones to get a bevel at 20% and then India stones to 6000 grit. Then I back dragged it on some 2000 grit wet or dry to get a convex edge and stropped again. Scary sharp and it reminds me of the old Gerber M2 blades at 62 RC but improved. How much of an improvement will take some time to tell. Very impressed and now want a caper, trout and bird or a gentleman's model to go with the Loveless Semi Skinner.

I think the key is to get a polished edge and then do the sand paper thing to provide more of a toothy edge. I think if I strop regularly I will only need to hit the edge after multiple heads of game.

Thank you sir for a very fine blade.

I have a Benchmade M2 blade in the old AFCK folder. I have a custom M4 knife from Brett Dowell at 64.5 Rc. The factory Benchmade isn't remotely close to the Dowell M4. Not even in the same ballpark.

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