I'm using Alpha brass in 6 Dasher for bench rest.

I weigh sort and volume sort the cases, out of 100 pcs. I get two groups that vary from zero to 0.5 grains and 2-4 outliers that do not fit my criteria. Weights and volumes are closer than Lapua where following the same criteria would get 3 groups and 2-5 outliers (generally). The case neck thickness is very uniform, very little is turned off to make them perfect, same performance with Lapua but tend to take more off. The primer pockets have been staying tight after upwards of 10 reloads.

Alpha is very good brass for the attributes I have described.

For a person that just loads ammo (for a hunting situation or plinking) then Alpha will give better results (technically) than Lapua.

When one goes through case prep to BR standards then Alpha holds little advantage over Lapua.

In my area Alpha brass is ~$75 more per box of 100, but does come in a nice plastic case that usually costs 15-20 bucks.