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Their only CLEAR anything is they proved they can rig an election, have a mess of lawsuits brought all the way up to the supreme court, and nobody was willing to lift a finger. And that the news and social media machine is in their pocket.
Got THAT right - in spades..

But I do think the Antifa mob that stormed the White House scared the crap out of the Democrat machine, enough to make fools of themselves with the deployment of the National Guard for the 20th.
And the FBI removed 12 NG members 'cause they might be patriots, or belong to 'right-wing' groups.. I.e., will the FBI then be vetting every serviceman/woman so when Lyin' Biden and the HO begin to set the military against the civilians they'll follow those illegal orders?? Tinfoil hat time? laugh laugh

That homely girl that took Piglosi's computer sure wasn't a conservative. And how the hell did she get off the grounds with the laptop? Police were asleep?

And I'm tired of the Dem media spreading anyone that voted for President Trump needs to be reprogrammed, and are bad folks.....fugm.
Just the start my friend - just the start.. Prepare.

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