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Wow Stevie, ol' Squidge has gone to back for you and brought all you're comrades with him and yet still none of them can answer the question. Which vaccine is Trump pushing? I've still not seen nor heard name mentioned. Come on, after all you guys are really on top of it with all of your MSM help. You have 3 shots (none of them are vaccines) that are MRNA shots, then you have at least 2 that aren't MRNA but do have human fetal cells in them, then you have at least one that has neither. Now I know the "truth" tellers in the MSM have accidently forgotten to report any of this, so I suppose you can't be totally blamed for not knowing.
I wonder what questions if any you fella's would have if Trump said, wow, we've got bullet makers developing bullets on a fast track never before seen. They are pumping them out faster than ever before. Would you care how was making these bullets? or even what type of bullet was being made? or would you be satisfied with " they are pumping them out faster than ever before" and never caring who the "they" are?
Just asking.

And then there is the second part of "Fox news" confirming Trump and family were vaccinated. Was this another of those "anonymous" sources? Which shot were they given? Oh, wait, it doesn't matter, all you need to know is that they were given shots and Fox news said this is true. crazy
Then there is this small problem of Trump and Baron (not sure if Melanie did) both had the virus, so there would be no reason for them to be "vaccinated" against the virus because they now have a forever immunity to it. Being vaccinated for something you've already had causes complications so why would they do that?
And on top of all that you have mtnsnakes video that shows some of the hardware they've used.......................https://patriots.win/p/12i4RSNSTO/injection-syringe-for-politician/c/
So I it looks like 3 of ya have failed to answer the question, but I'm not surprised.

Having trouble explaining why Q+ urged people to get the vaxx, eh?

This is another big setback for the Qbers as they try to cope with the latest cognitive dissonance. But how do they cope? They just get defensive, deflect and turn a question into a question, deny, create another conspiracy theory, or just add more nonsense and bullchit whenever necessary to explain the Q-related insanity. (Note the above defensive, deflective style.)

The link implies that fake syringes are used with the vaccines. Everything is an illusion, smoke and mirrors, and fakery in the Qber world. The conditioned Qbers continue to be mindless followers of any and everything conspiratorial.

The rabbit hole must be long, deep, dank, and dark. No wonder Qbers are frustrated and defensive as they continue to fight their imaginary enemies. The real battle seems to be in their own paranoid, rattled and confused minds.

Hard to see with wool over your eyes isn't it.