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As a unspoken side note to all of the recent LEO shootings, few people realize that even if the Officer is not fired for a policy violation, indicted, convicted, jailed, sued in a civil law suite and losses their pension The taking of a life can weigh very heavy on an officer. Even when justified the effects of that action can be huge. Some simply cannot deal with it and leave the job, some commit suicide, and or carry the guilt of having to do such a terrible thing. Be cleared in a justified line of duty shooting, does not necessarily wipe the moral slate clear for an officer. I have never known of a coworker who ever say they wished to take a life. They have always said that they would do so if they had to or were forced to. Meaning the life of a citizen, or their own life was threatened. As if the job is not difficult enough, now the media and elected officials has straight up demonized us. The cry to defund the police is proving to a big mistake. But even when elected officials make mistakes they are reluctant to admit it. We were once the good guys now, we are the bad guys! Maybe those that think that way will just stop calling us.

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