I was just driving home from Hooters. Two things struck me while there. They are having a hard time recruiting talent, and who the hell orders Hooters to go? I mean even with the lower level of talent, it's still Hooters. While I was driving home, the governor was having a COVID press brief. Our governor is a democrat, but I have to applaud him for keeping these briefs absolutely non-political.

He had a doctor come on and give some numbers.

LA is short 6000 nurses.

Tomorrow, hospitalizations will be at an all time high since the pandemic began.

The average age of the person who dies from Covid has dropped from 75 to 65.

Fatalities among people under 40 years of age has gone up nearly 500%

Fully vaccinated people are 25 times less likely to be hospitalized and 25 times less likely to die from COVID.

Vaccinated people are 8 times less likely to contract COVID.

He was still talking when I got home, but I had an order from Natchez Shooters Supply on the porch and wanted to open it, to see what I'd have to return for being defective.

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