Maybe study the historic climate data for your planned area for the time period you have blocked out. Over the many years of wilderness packing 5,000 to 8,500 ft elev., I have suffered more from too hot a bag in skeeter country than I ever did from a freak snow event. Years ago I got hooked on packing a Noah's Tarp (I hate tents of any kind in bear country) along with a light bag (rated 30 deg). If you get a freak storm you can take the big Noah and roll it up around giving you layers on layers, if its hot you can lay on top of your bag, pull the Noah over the top for bug protection. The Noah and cheap Kelty 30 deg bag and a Thermarest all together come in at just over 7 pounds. Wiggy's is the greatest but you need to mortgage the ranch.
?When, oh when will I learn to look at the date?

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Well this is a fine pickle we're in, should'a listened to Joe McCarthy and George Orwell I guess.