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Colt actually has a recall on some 6920's going on right now. S/N's at the link.


Far as I can tell, those are all the new CR models. I personally wouldn't own one.

Mine are LE/LEO.

Dang, and some of us had high hopes for CZ..... I like my old Colt as well... Runs like a Timex.. As far as Rittenhouse is concerned. What kind of ammo was he using? Steel cased or some other cheap azzed military chidt? I know there is a separate thread on the use of the FA, but I've never had to use one. I only run my handloads though... I'm also thinking that he has tons of experience with his rifle not loading ammo in all the way, as he was so quick to know to bump that FA when it didn't go into battery... So it was either a gun fault or cheap azzed ammo...

bsa, I can't answer your initial questions. But, as you mentioned, Kyle must have had experience with this exact rifle running the exact same ammo, as he was quick to get on the forward assist to solve his problem. Probably very lucky for him to have had the negative experience(s) prior. Without the negative prior experience(s), it may have taken him an extra second or two that could have cost him his life. From all the video I saw, it looked like that mob had every intention to kill him, and he was out there on an island by himself.

As far as the CR Colts are concerned, as renegade50 mentioned in a thread a couple few months ago, since the military is no longer contracting with Colt on the M4's, inspection and quality control have suffered. If you dig around, you'll find reports of that sprinkled around on other forums.

Huh?? FN makes the M4 now.. FN has had the contract to make A2 for years. These are made at the South Carolina plant..

Yes. My old Colts are that old.

If I was going to buy a new M4, it would be an FN or BCM.

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