Well here are some pictures. As soon as it arrived I stripped it down and gave it a thorough cleaning. The ONLY markings on the gun are the ones you see. There is no name, serial number, or gauge / caliber identification. I contacted the seller to see what information they had since they called it a Hokka and there is nothing on the gun to confirm who made it. There are some similarities as the Savage 24 series but the barrel selector is a dovetail slide on top of the receiver. There is a 15 mm dovetail for three inches on top of the barrels for mounting a scope. The furniture is just like a Savage and once I get the varnish removed I'll see if the quality is any better. Overall it's in pretty good shape. I think I'll put a 20 gauge adapter in it and use it use it for grouse hunting.

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I thought growing old would take longer.