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Reading this thread made me wonder if someday FEMA will have big diesel generators on trailers or trucks that could be parked in places like rest areas along major travel corridors in case of a major evacuation order. They could run multiple chargers all at once so at least the electric vehicles may be more useful than a gas vehicle with no gas in a situation like that.

Exactly, or big azzed storage batteries like Musk has been building.

Been through a lot of hurricane evacuations where you could go from South Florida to Georgia before you found a fuel station with gas.

Everybody starts hoarding a couple days prior to them even knowing where a storm might hit.

In all honesty finding a electric outlet could be easier than finding gas.
Interstate charging systems would be swamped but they're not your only option.

The thing to remember is that EV’s as a rule charge at home, so they are pretty much already always “full”. No need to “top off” before evacuation.

Of course, range is an issue if you have to evacuate from south Florida to Georgia, but running fro Houston to San Antonio or DFW would not be an issue.

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