A few years ago, I wrote an article that was published and here is an rough excerpt of some of it. It goes back to the beginning of the Revolution war. Quite literally, the shot heard round the world.

There are many in our society wanting to ban guns. "Mr. and Mrs. America; turn them all in". Sadly, those people forget what happened the last time a tyrannical government tried that on American soil. And those same people get on TV talking about what a great job Ukraine is doing fighting off the Russians (with guns) while in the same breath demonizing those in our own country who remain ready to do the same here in our country. Intentionally disrespecting the largest fighting force ever known to mankind.

Well, the sting of confiscation was still burning fresh in the minds of our founding fathers when the 2A was penned just after the British, under the command of General Gage had ordered the seizure of guns and powder in Concord Massachusetts.

The founding fathers knew and realized there would be no other way than ultimately through violence to protect its' citizens from tyrannical government so it had to protect arms of its' citizens as the last resort to defend itself from extinction.