Alright fellers, I've been in the process of organizing a spring feral hog/exotic hunt in central Texas for the weekend of May 21st, 2010 for anybody interested.. Here are some details.


Spring Hog hunt
Information about the ranch:
The ranch is 13,000 acres it sits in the heart of the Texas Hill country. It has 5 miles of the South Llano River running through it. It offers both free range and high fence hunting for Hogs, Exotics and birds.

Base cost for the weekend $650. For all hunters
3-days 2- nights (Friday -Sunday)
Up to 2- Hogs any size
Varmints: Bobcat, Coyotes, Foxes, Raccoons
Full Staff, Guides, Lodging, Meals, Soft drinks, Beer, setups, Fishing, Skeet shooting
Non-Hunters- $350. For the weekend
***Other Exotic Trophies that can be added to the above hunt.
Axis deer
Fallow deer
Aoudad Ram
Sika Deer
Trophy fee - $1500. per above trophy, multiple exotics can be harvested
Rams - $350. And up
To help with staffing if you would like to add any of the above Exotics or something not listed, to your hunt please let us know upon booking.
Other Exotics are available there just not listed. If thereís something you would like a price on thatís not on the above list just let us know and we will get you prices and information.


The list so far, compiled by PM, is as follows...

6)Bobby (Isaac's son)
10)Steve NO


A depsoit of $325 (half) will be required by the end of January. It is shaping up to be a good time. Shoot me a PM if your'e sure you want to go and I'll email the paperwork etc.c If your'e on the's coming. More info coming...

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