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FINALLY got confirmation from the Director of DNR in SC...

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To: Charles Ruth
Subject: deer regulations on private lands

Mr. Ruth,
Would you please direct me to the specific code in SC law or DNR regulations pertaining to the minimum caliber LEGALLY allowed for harvesting deer on private lands?
I am unable to find anything that prohibits the use of rimfire weapons on private lands.
I am not interested in what the DNR consideres ethical. I know hunters who could not make a clean kill with a 300 winchester magnum and I know hunters who could use a 22LR and drop every deer they need.
What I am looking for is very specific language that either allows or prohibits the use of rimfires, not an ethics debate.
Thanks you in advance.

There is no such law or regulation for private land.

That said, historically there was a regulation that applied to WMA lands statewide and to private land in Game Zones 1 and 2 that prohibited using FMJ bullets or .22 rimfire or smaller for big game. However, the general assembly removed this restriction on private land a couple of years ago.

The wording related to WMAs can be found on page 31 of the Rules and Regs brochure and states:
3.3 On WMA lands, big game hunters are not allowed to use military or hard-jacketed bullets or .22 or smaller rimfire.

Again, this used to apply to private land but no longer does.

Let me know if you have any other questions.
Charles Ruth
Certified Wildlife Biologist
Deer & Wild Turkey Program Coordinator
SC Dept. of Natural Resources
P. O. Box 167
Columbia, SC 29202-0167

What is going to be the most effective 22LR bullet fired?

It is 100% legal for me to use a 22LR. I am hunting on my land. my shooting position is at a 20 degree downward angle at 0-50 yards MAX.
Im sure some of you will not be able to contain yourselves and must comment about how its unethical to shoot a deer with a 22LR. margin of error ect ect ect.
I am talking about 40 yard MAX shots. I have a sandbagged fixed position to shoot from. Compared to a person taking a 200 yard shot with any centerfire the same margin of error could result in a blown off jaw or leg just as easy.

I've killed two deer (blacktail does) with a .22 RF. Both head shots at relatively close range. Also, a deer-sized goat. All were mercy kills. Very effective.

Uh... let's see... I don't remember specifics, but I know they weren't HP's. If I were to do it again ideally I'd use CCI MiniMag solids.

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