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As an aside comment, we who vist this particular forum try to keep our threads civil. If one can't do that I suggest he go elsewhere.

Our family, myself included have enough ribbons, cups and checks in our history to back up our claims. These include about every show class there is in arenas and hundreds, if not thousands of miles pulling pack strings. I don''t live vicariously thru someone else.The mules I have rasied and trained are use all over CO and a few other states.Some have been in the Al Kaly mule train of the Shriners based here in Colorado Springs

I might not do everything the very best way,but I have done it enough to known what works and what does not.

A person is not going to be jumping over big logs, packing an elk out of some hell hole,or riding down steep grades ,etc by just sitting in the saddle using his seat.

I didn't think you'd beat to mentioning your family rasied a jackass, but sure enough you came right out with it. Tell your mother she has my sympathy. I guess lookin at life thru the eyes of a jackass suits your poor simple self since you arn't capable of distinguishing between admiration for someone who made a big contribution or to live vicariously thru someone. I can count among the horses I've rode two World Champions. Is that ribbon big enough for you? The fact that you haven't figured out how to ride off your seat doesn't bother me, i could care less how big of fool you are. But if i offer the same advice people payed me money to get for free and have to listen to your noise and nancyboy oh don't say anything back to me, well, i don't mind telling what a fool you are. Anyway, i'd think you'd be use to it by now.

Be Polite , Be Professional , but have a plan to kill everybody you meet
-General James Mattis United States Marine Corps

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