My vote is for Danner. I currently own 2 pairs. A pair of Danner Light II for everyday wear/light hiking and a pair of Hood Winter Light for hunting. Used the Danner Light II for turkey, elk and birds this year and they held up really well. Bought the Hood's when I realized some extra insulation would be nice.

They are hands down the most comfortable shoes I have worn ever. At 6'2" and 250 I usually have the midsoles of lesser boots compacted within 6 months of wear which makes for very sore feet after any amount of walking. The Danner's are still going strong a year later.

The vibram soles are a bit soft and asphalt will wear them down faster than dirt but that is a true with most boots. If you want harder soles look at thier work boots. Same cost but harder soles and more abrasion resistant leather. Just be warned that in cold temps those harder soles will give you less traction as the rubber tends to get rather hard.

Whatever route you go make sure you get a good brand of leather conditioner (I use the Danner stuff) to aid break-in and keep the leather from cracking. Putting $300 towards quality boots is really stupid if you aren't going to take proper care of them.

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