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Cattle Auctioneer, My post was definitely not meant for you. Welcome to the forum. We generally try to keep it civil here as opposed to other threads on other forums,but this got out of hand a little. Seems someone new got here and felt he needed to do some name calling.

I am presently trying to modify my STI Breakaway Stirrups by adding wedge on the tread at 15 degrees.

I put a rubber pad on top of the wedge,imbedded into the wood,which is maple.
I attached them with duct tape to see if it would work and took a short loop around the pasture today,the snow was fairly deep,but it felt pretty good.I might just glue the wedges in for awhile.

Afraid I'm going to have to point out a problem with that. I did not talk crap and then go back and try to hide it. It speaks of you character that you make comments, get a direct response to them, and then pretend to act as if they didn't exisit. I suspect that behavior is so imbedded in you - you think it goes without notice. I guess playing the rightous victim by attempts of deceit comes more naturally to you than just maning up to what you've said.
Reread what you said as quoted by me, and then what you changed it to. Now see if you can figure out whos a crock.

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