I didn't sleep all night last night. I got out at 5 AM this morning and fish were rolling all over the pond. I fished for 4 hours and caught........... a catfish! I thought I had another monster golden trout. 10 minutes of watching a bent rod and up comes this big grinner. The only fish of the day, and on a wooly bugger at that! I had to take a ride to the river. No bugs. No trout rising. I fished another 3 hours and got 7 or 8 trout. I lost 3 or 4 fish I think to the hydrilla / milfoil. Oh, what a pain that stuff is. The fish are nice though. After 2 years of floods and little or no stocking program, they did a good job this year. The water is still cold too. I'm buying a new battery for my point and shoot so I can get pics of these fish. They don't fit on the screen of my phone camera! The 2 golden trout are the biggest trout I've ever caught. When I got to the pond this morning a guy had a big rainbow on his stringer too. They're there.

My buddy suggested a fly for the cruising fish called a footballer. I looked it up, tied up a dozen size 16s and a few 18s and am going to wait until the next feasible day to try. I have yet to find a good way to catch cruising pond fish.

"I didn't get the sophisticated gene in this family. I started the sophisticated gene in this family." Willie Robertson