Yeah, I guess it IS rifle looney territory.
'91's in good shape today tip the wallet to the tune of $300+ dollars, which seems a little steep considering what they used to go for, but then gas used to be 0.25 cents a gallon, and that was for premium.
I can't help but think that this round and rifle could do quite a bit, without having to put up with the muzzle blast of today's 65,000 psi numbers. You can load the same bullets as the .303 British, which has been used all over the UK Commonwealth, so many options are available, but like you gents have said, the 150-174 weight works quite well.
I suppose if someone was interested in seeing what the potential of the 7.65x53mm is, it could be chambered in just about any modern sporter built for .308 Win length cartridges.
I just find it fascinating, but then I guess I'm a closet rifle looney.