This is a book that is fun to read. Not a lot of torture or murder or killing. Just a bunch of characters who are all trying to get their hands on a stele from Israel that will possibly change world history. The stele, part of a larger stone, tells the story of Solomon, or is Solomon really an Egyptian?

An American who is on the dig where it is found, decides to take it and smuggle it out of the country. Because it has great propaganda value a whole pile of would-be owners are trying to get it. The American thief plans to auction it off to the highest bidder and there are Syrians, Turks, and Hezbollah crazies as well as American and Israeli crazies all trying to buy it or at least 'acquire' it.

The book came out in 2013 and was picked up at a bookstore in the remaindered area. It was a pleasure reading and was one of those that you want to find out the ending but don't really want the book to end.

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