I'm shooting mine in a 329 pd and 77/44 so far. I have several other 44s to try them in. I put a scope on the 77/44 the other day and shot them at 100 yards. I got 2" groups with 10.5g of Longshot. They chrony about 1050 from my 4" 329pd.

I powder coated with Eastwood Ford light blue and then put gas checks on pushing them through a lee sizer.

My 6 cavity mold took a while to break in and start throwing consistently good bullets. It does have a narrow temp band to cast good bullets. It's easy to get too hot and frost bullets. I don't know if frosty bullets are really a problem if you powder coat. I found once I'm up to temp to kept a damp wash cloth on the bench. After dumping a cast close the mold and hold the bottom of it on the damp rag for about a 7 count then remove it and fill it with lead. You get a rythm and you can get shinny well cast bullets. Just be careful to not get any water near your pot of lead.

My 2 cavity is older and casts a slightly different bullet than my 6 cavity. I just did about 300 from the 6 cavity so I'll finish working up a load with them and try them in my other 44s too. I have 2 anacondas, a 4" and 6", a S&W 5" classic, a S&w mtn gun, and a 4&5/8" stainless super blackhawk to try. I hope to find a moderate load that they all like. It's a heavy enough bullet I think 1050fps should do most things.