Ted Edwards was a young Englishman who had served in various jobs and in the military and developed a thirst for adventure. He learned that the southwest portion of the Sahara desert had never been traversed in areas and he decided to attempt it. He spent several years raising money and had several 'learning experiences' in north Africa and finally was able to attempt the trip he wanted to take-- solo, with two camels- leaving in a group from Timbuktoo (Tombouctou) to Araouane and from there the trip was just the two camels and him westward across the desert then south to Oualata, a distance of about 350 miles.

Apparently this is a record for one man and camels.

It's a very interesting book. He was mugged and robbed in Tangiers. He spent time learning how to handle camels, describes what gear he used and also many other experiences. The akle dunes were/are fearsome. The bureaucracy is what you might expect.
He had to carry his water as there were no sources known in the area. Iron deposits made his compass inaccurate. Navigation was by compass and poor quality maps. He made it through, but just barely.

A good read.

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