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If you've been shooting then since introduction, how long does a barrel last? I just got into the .17 Rem a couple years ago and absolutely love it and love shooting it but am curious when I'll have to rebarrel my first one. ( Ive got 2 now...)and FWIW I dont run them hot...all my loads are around 3600 fps.
When rem switched to 1in 9 I sent it back for a barrel. The throat is eroded out a bit on the 1 in 9 & one of the reasons the 25gr Hornady V-max shoots better than the Horn HP. It's a long bullet for the weight. I can seat it out there a ways. The Remington bullet was a stub, it shot good, took a lot of fox, chucks & crows with em. Never shot them a bunch for grp, most for load development. The 1 in 10's had issues with Rem's short bullets and also had rough barrels, it was well publicized & they fixed it, bugs were ironed out. I started using 25 Hornady HP"s as soon as they came out, liked em took a lot of varmints, coyotes too. Still never shot to much from bench, just load work & hunt and settled on 4320 pretty quick. Then CFE came which I like. So 2 barrels, 1st under warranty & the 1 in 9 which I got not long after they came out with the 17 Rem. The short 25gr Hornady HP still shoots pretty good even today.
I'm 67 and won't wear it out, I use other rifles for group shooting. It still has to be cleaned of copper every 50 shots er so.
Loads of 3600fps you might not have copper issues to bad. It is a blast to shoot, I can see impact most times, & a tick for recoil.

I would have got him too but a Dad Blam snow flake hit me in da eye....