Higginson powder stocks are emptying fast. As most people know, they are (or maybe were) the sole distributor for Hodgdon powder and Hornady bullets in Canada.


I am not sure if this list is up to date. It is from today. Some quantities of powder - the 4, 5 and 8 pound jugs - are virtually unobtainable. There is more incoming, but Lord knows when it will arrive. Considering the difficulty in finding powder, prices seem to be holding stable.

Hornady bullets seem to be easier to find, but you have to look around. This is Higginson's recent stock list.


Budget Shooter Supply is on summer hiatus. X Reload has been getting product, as have Hirsch and some others.

Tradeex seems to be out of business. Clicking on their site sends you to Frontier Outfitters in Saskatchewan. They have purchased some of Tradex's firearms stock, as have several other stores.

We live in interesting times! Keep smiling.

Safe Shooting!
Steve Redgwell

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