Our range committee did a great job of replacing the 50 yd butt. The old one came apart after years of rain water soaking into the earth. This caused the timber to give way and the butt disintegrated.

The first pic is the range where the 50 yd butt used to be. The second is the butt after it collapsed under the weight of the rain water. The third is what we have now.

I didn't use the rebuilt one today, but a member who showed up as I was leaving left holes in it. Today was its grand reopening. smile

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I had a Contender and an Axis out this morning. The Contender has a target forend made by Fred Smith, the founder of Bullberry Barrels. It is chambered in 223 Wylde. The Axis is completely rebuilt. It has an Boyd AT-One stock, Shilen select match barrel and an adjustable trigger.

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The little 6x45mm loves the middleweight bullets. It seems to favour the 68 gr Barnes and 70 gr Speer TNTs.

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This is one of the targets shot using the 68 gr. Barnes Match bullet.

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These targets are from last year, shot with inexpensive 70 gr. Speer TNT HPs.

Safe Shooting!
Steve Redgwell

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