Chuckar opener was yesterday, and we got into some. Owen, his friend Nolan, and I each took a bird early. We were into a lot of birds, but they were wild for opening day and right on top of the mountains.

They went back up in the afternoon and knocked down five more. I still can't walk or sit down without getting cramps. eek grin

Owen's friend, Nolan on the right, got his first bird ever, not to mention it was a hard earned wild NV chuckar. They're great young men who think like we do about this Nation and the world in general. They hunted the tops of the mountains in the far background; hiked up a long way in rugged country.

The second photo was taken with Owen's damaged phone and is blurred. It shows the terrain where we hunt the devil birds. mad Those two young men could walk the hooves off a goat.

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Acquit v. t. To render a judgment in a murder case in San Francisco... EQUAL, adj. As bad as something else. Ambrose Bierce “The Devil's Dictionary”